I owe you an apology

On Monday I told you that I would be blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Unfortunately, Tuesdays are crazy busy for me so I didn’t get a post pre-published. Yesterday was just a day for the record book. It was my long day at work, and it proved to feel like a long day too. I ran to the daycare to pick up my daughter’s dirty cloth diapers. I wanted to get a load started before I leave the house for the rest of the day. When I got home I had a horrible headache, so I decided to lay down for a moment. Unfortunately, I also forgot that since it was my long day at work I didn’t really have the time to lay down before I was supposed to pick up my husband from work. OOPS!!! I looked at the clock the same time I should have been pulling up to pick him up.

Luckily, today is much better!!!

The Scoop

Shirt- Forever21, Scarf- Wal-Mart, Jeans- William Rast for Target, Shoes- Skechers

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  1. Wow busy busy lady! Well you look fantastic in this outfit! And that scarf in beautiful.

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