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Hey everyone!  I’m Kinsey from In Kinsey’s Closet, and I’m guest posting for Danielle while she’s on blogger maternity leave!

A few years ago, if you looked into my closet you would have seen blouses, dresses, boots, and hangers all tangled in a big pile.  I’d rifle through it every once in a while if I needed a specific item, but for the most part I just let the pile sit there accumulating dirty clothes.  Since I’ve started style blogging, I have realized that my clothes need better care.  Picture your clothing as a car; regular maintenance and mindfulness are necessary to keep it on the road.  The same is true for your wardrobe.In Kinsey's Closet, maintaining clothes, blue polka dot dress, red cardigan

Here are some quick tips for better maintaining your clothes so that you can keep your wardrobe and blog in tip top shape!

1)   Start off with better quality items.  Okay, so this isn’t really a tip about maintaining clothes, but it needs to be said.  No matter how carefully you hang and launder your favorite Forever21 shirt, it’s probably still going to pill and come apart at the seems after a while.  Even with small paychecks and tight budgets, saving for a few well made pieces gets you so much more than several items from the cheapie stores.  I also tend to feel an obligation to take better care of clothing that I had to save up for.  You can bet I’m thinking twice about throwing my Calvin Klein dress into the same heap as my Charlotte Russe blouse.

2)   Don’t buy clothes you can’t afford to maintain.   I have to face it: frequently dry cleaning clothing is not in my monthly budget.  I know this about myself, so you aren’t going to find many dry clean items in my closet.  If you can’t afford to maintain it properly, don’t buy it!  Trying to hand or machine wash a dry clean only garment is just asking for trouble.  If you can afford to dry clean your items regularly, then by all means make it a part of your wardrobe!

3)   Don’t wash everything after every wear!  A few of you clean freaks are probably cringing right now, but it’s true!  Not every item needs to be washed after one wear.  Toss (no, gently place) underwear, workout gear, socks, and soiled items into the hamper, but most other garments don’t necessarily need to be washed right away.  I’ve gone an embarrassingly long time without washing some of my jeans.  I have skirts that I’ve worn several times and never washed or dry cleaned.  They still look almost new because their fibers haven’t broken down in the washing machine.  Lint rollers and stain remover pens can help extend the life of your clothes. Obviously, if you’ve stained or sweat in it: wash or dry clean it!

4)   When you do wash, wash wisely!  Separate your clothing according to color.  Darks, lights, and reds are usually go-to color loads.   Wash all clothes, unless they are extremely soiled, in cold water.  Not only will you notice a drop in your electricity bill (and maybe you could parlay that moolah into better quality clothing?), you will notice that your garments will show less fading and bleeding.  Separating also helps you keep from ending up with pink underwear (insert apology to my boyfriend here!).

5)   Organize, organize, organize!  I can’t stress this one enough.  Not only is a well organized closet and chest of drawers more visually appealing, it helps you to find your clothing quickly.  Back in my chaotic closet days, I would tear through my clothes looking for a specific item and end up with a big pile of clean clothes in the middle of my floor.  If I was in a hurry, you could bet those clothes were still laying on my floor when I left, and most likely they stayed there for a day or two until I got tired of walking over them.  If my closet was organized by color or garment type, I would have been able to go directly to the item I wanted and pull it out with no fuss.

These are a few ways to better maintain the clothing you’re featuring on a regular basis.  Even the best of us can’t pull off fray, fallen hems, open seams, or fading.  Buy smart, wash smart, and see how much further your clothes can go!

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  1. Hello there:) Super cute outfit….and love all the tips!!

    Statements in Fashion:A Funky Fashion Blog

  2. These are some great tips!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Kirstin Marie recently posted..In the redMy Profile

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