Even Braver Still

pattern mixing, sweater, shorts, legwarmers, bootsA while back in my blogging history I wore shorts and tights together. Today I took it a step farther by pairing my shorts with leggings, tall boots, and pink & blue leg warmers. To make it even braver still I was mixing patterns too. I got weird looks, but I was warm and comfortable on a cold Christmas Eve eve.shorts with tights, pattern mixing, over the knee boots

Nate and I actually have the next two weeks off together. We don’t have any real plans made besides Christmas events. Tonight we will go to Red Lobster to have dinner with my Grandpa and some extended family. Tomorrow morning will be our family Christmas with just the kids, preceding, spending Christmas day with my family. Finally, Monday morning we will have breakfast and Christmas with Nate’s family.pattern mixing

The Scoop

Sweater-thrifted, Shorts-Pac Sun, Leggings-Target, Leg Warmers-Capezio, Boots-Target


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