Friend Friday: Thinspo what?!?!

This week for Friend Friday we are discussing the “Thinsporation” trend that has taken over sites like Tumblr and some boards on Pinterest. Basically, they are posts and pins of extremely skinny girls. I’m sure guys have their own form, but that can be discussed separately. Sometimes these girls are also very muscular too, but mostly the focus is that they are skinny. I personally have a thin, athletic build, however, I find these pictures with captions that shout out being thin to the extreme is the goal as annoying. In more ways than one too! First off, there is an insane amount of this type of inspirational posts/pins. Secondly, they put an unhealthy focus on one ,more often than it is, unattainable body type. 20120419-130223.jpg

Personally, my inspirational pins focus on keeping me motivated to stay healthy and make proper choices for me. Not something that I want to attain by being unreasonable with my exercise, diet, and attitude.

I could go on and on about the Thinspo pins, but what would be the real point in that?!? Honestly, I just want to see this type of thing be banned across the board (no pun intended). I will advocate for health and fitness within reason and encourage others with these goals too. After all, I have a little girl looking up to me, and I want her to know I am happy with my body. I will do what it takes to keep it healthy, because, I want to be around to see her grow up and appreciate her body in the same way I do.

5 Responses to Friend Friday: Thinspo what?!?!

  1. You are so right, thinspo really has nothing to do with being healty, it just pretend to do so.
    Nanne recently posted..FBFF – An Unhealthy TrendMy Profile

  2. I think when people’s fitness goals are to achieve an unattainable body type it is exceptionally problematic. I love that you made the point that thinspo masquerades as heath/fitness but is truly focused on just achieving that incredibly thin body not on getting healthier.
    Cortney recently posted..FBFF: ThinspoMy Profile

  3. You just told the words of my heart. You don’t need to become thin so that people call you hot, cool blah blah. I think beauty depends on your overall personality. I’m a big fan of pinterest themes but in the case of ‘thinspo’, I would like to say down!
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..The Reason behind Bleeding with Yeast InfectionMy Profile

  4. it is really nice to hear that other people are just as bothered by this type of “inspiration”. as a fellow thin person, i usually feel like it is not my place to criticize the ways that other people choose to motivate themselves, but encouraging eating disorders and unattainable goals is just terrible. so, thank you for posting this.
    dotty recently posted..dotty, weekends, and borrowed shirtsMy Profile

  5. I definitely agree with you here. What’s important is to stay healthy and don’t push yourself too hard just to be like those body types. Confidence is more than enough to make a girl sexy as hell. :)
    Ginger Allen recently posted..MSDSonline Teams up with ASSE and Jennifer Silk for GHS Webinar on April 19My Profile

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