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Since Nate and I joined the YMCA most of the time I’m getting ready for the day right there at the gym. This comes with pros and cons. The cons are mostly straight forward. Obviously, getting ready in a locker room is the biggest con, in and of itself. Not always the cleanest place to shower, dress, and put on ones makeup. I will say that I’m pleasantly surprised and happy about how well maintained the locker room is at the branch I go to. The biggest pro is I can get ready without trying to keep an eye on my kids. I leave them in the child watch the extra 20-30 minutes it takes me to get ready after working out. However, after taking the time to get ready I feel a bit funny walking out of the gym dressed up. Anyway, I thought I would share the quick and easy beauty products I use.


These products are pretty cheap too. This isn’t the best of faces, but I feel put together and a bit more polished. I start with NYC’s primer. It may be cheap, but even a cheap primer makes a big difference. It helps minimize the appearance of the size of pores. Using a primer also benefits my oily skin by keeping the oil slicks at bay.

E.L.F. makes quality products for a fraction of the price. That means they are PERFECT for locker room beauty routines. I use three of there mineral items for when I’m at the gym. Mineral foundation and eyeshadow. I love the way the go on. Smooth application and great pigmentation. To help fight eyeshadow creasing I use Maybeline’s taupe tattoo eyeshadow cream as a primer of sorts. 20120419-093526.jpg

After applying both shades of mineral eye shadows, I use E.L.F’s felt tipped liquid eyeliner to line my upper lids. I then sweep on two coats of Maybeline’s lots of lashes mascara. Voila! A quick, simple, and cheap post workout makeup routine. After all, your locker room beauty products should be working as hard as you just did.


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