Yesterday, you saw my less than stellar submission for Everybody, Everywear’s Black & White challenge. Today, to bring back my What They Wore feature I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite entries from the challenge. Black and white outfits do not have to be boring. These ladies looked anything but basic while wearing such an elementary color combination.Lemondrop Vintage, white dress suit

At Lemondrop Vintage  we saw Marie take a twist many did not with the color combination. She wore a mainly white vintage dress with black trim.big girl small budget tiny town, snappy and savvy, black and white, pattern mixing

At Snappy and Savvy Vanessa mixed black and white prints and looked great doing it. Not only do I love this outfit combination; I love her hair and subtle red lip.

At Penny Pincher Fashion we find beautiful white dress pants with a sheer black blouse. That part alone was enough to win me over, but she kept things colorful with a neon color accented handbag that I LOVE!Pretty Polished Perfect, black and white, black pencil skirt, white blouse

It was a really windy day, but I’m glad Erin of Pretty Polished Perfect was able to snap a decent picture for her submission. She always looks so happy and fun in all of her pictures. Yesterday, she looked classy in a black pencil skirt and white blouse with black trim. Oh! Those shoes. I’m not usually a fan of open toed booties, but these I like. Lyla likes them too! She made sure to point them out to me when I was writing this post.

Just an FYI, because, of my schedule What They Wore will now be a round up of some of my favorite posts from the week instead of reader submissions. 

Today’s post is all across the board. I’m giving you an outfit post, Everybody Everywear, post of pieces, & Fit and Fun. The black and white outfits that you will see pieces of are what I wore to teach dance. That covers about all of my bases. What do you think?


Last Thursday, for teaching adult tap, I wore my open front cardigan/wrap along with my workout capris and a white v-neck. This was a solid black and white look. Even my accessories where black and white.


Then you have last nights teaching attire. I wore a fun warm-up that I’ve styled for regular use before and black athletic pants from Old Navy. I must say, I’m very impressed by these pants. They are nice and stretchy, but the best part is they are long. Perfect no matter which pair of dancing shoes I have on.


That brings me to the fit part of the post. I want to share with you what fitness goals I worked on so hard last night that I was sore before I even went to bed last night.

  1. Stretching- In all of my classes we did extra stretching in our normal warm-ups, followed by, holding the splits (R,L,Center) for a minute each. In my advance lyrical class we held right and left splits for a minute each followed by 30 seconds each. After that, we did center wall splits for two minutes.
  2. Ab Work- All of the classes did 100 crunches in varying positions.
  3. One of the classes did a lot of plie squats and heel raises too.


Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

red tights, pencil skirt, leather jacketI’m happy to say that I’m back in the Everybody, Everywear round up. I actually missed out on voting and even the announcement that colored tights won. Thankfully, I caught Linda’s tweet. I looked down and to my surprise I was wearing a new pair of colored tights. Yep! That is how in tune with the fashion community I am.

floral print blouse, grey pencil skirt, leather jacketI love tights. They are incredibly useful in an outfit. They can add warmth, color, and texture to an otherwise plain outfit. I picked up a three new pairs of tights on Friday when I was wasting time at Target. Waisting time at Target can be quite dangerous, so walking out with only three pairs of tights, a lip stain, and the new Adelle CD (which by the way is fabulous).

colored tightsThe Scoop

Romper(worn as top)-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Tights-Target, Shoes-Matt Bernson c/o

Remember to head on over to Everybody, Everywear to see how all the other bloggers are styling there colored tights.

color denim, color blocking, jacket, oxfordsThis month for Everybody, Everwear the winner of the public voting is Colored Denim. I think I did a little dance when I found out. I had the absolute perfect outfit in mind. I knew my thrifted pair of fuchsia jeans, and my new Oxford mini wedges (a full review of these here) would be making an appearance. I lucked out and wore the outfit to a birthday party from Nate’s family. The hall the party was held at was blocks away from a colorful, little part of town. When we drove by I knew I had to go back for pictures.

hooded jacketThe buildings are so bright. Nate and I had lots of fun taking pictures. I have so many extras that won’t make this post, but can be found on the No Guilt Fashion Facebook page.

colored denim, color blocking, oxford wedgesI don’t have much to say today. I’ve been busy trying to get things lined up before the baby gets here. Clothes and cloth diapers are washed and ready to go. However, the nursery isn’t exactly set up yet. I need to get on that ASAP. Not much time left folks. As for that I’m also trying to line up guest bloggers and giveaways for you awesome readers. Fingers crossed I get a few more of each, and you enjoy every second of it.

color blocking, colored denim, jacketsoxford shoesThe Scoop

Jacket- So(thrifted), Tank Top- Target, Pants- Bullfrog/Pac Sun(thrifted),

Shoes- Matt Bernson c/o farfetch

Everybody, Everywear | Colored Pants

This month for Everybody, Everywear the public choose mix prints as the way to dress. I don’t have anything against mixing patterns. In fact, I’ve done it before.  However, I knew this time around I would have a little more difficulty. You see most of my items that fit me at this point are solid colors. I have some prints that still fit, but they are mostly bottoms only. Pretty tough to put together an outfit of just skirts. Though I know it could be doable. Hmmm…Maybe that should be my next self-challenge! I lucked out with a slightly cooler than average day. That meant this polka dot and bird print cardigan could make another blog appearance. Woot, Woot! This dress, turned skirt, worn as a dress, has also made it to the blog more than a few times.

Together, they made a good pattern mixing duo for the challenge! I also felt pretty in this outfit, and at 30 weeks pregnant that is always a good thing!

The Scoop

Cardigan-Target gifted by Dotty, Maxi Dress/Skirt-Forever21, Shoes-Target Necklace-Miss Ky’s Couture better pics w/ review to come

These pictures were taken at our local Veteran’s Memorial Garden. It was an experience with Lyla that I will never forget. She is very inquisitive, and wanted to know about where we were. I explained to her what all the names were about. She was very concerned about the people represented, and was sad that some of them never came home to there mommy and daddy. She said she was happy that they were helping her, but wanted to take the time to pray for them. Of course, I obliged her.

The next part was tough. Every statue or monument we passed she wanted to know what it was for. Some were easier than others to explain to a three year old, but all in all I think she learned at least a little bit. I know it made me cry.

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

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