Natural Homemade Lotion BarsMaking your own all natural lotion bars is ridiculously easy. You only need a few simple ingredients.

Equal Parts

1. Coconut Oil

2. Sweet Almond Oil

3. Beeswax

4. Essential Oil (optional)


Step One- In a double boiler melt down the beeswax.

Step Two- After the beeswax is melted add in the sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Allow for it to warm up and melt the coconut oil.

Step Three- Pour it into a silicone mold. The silicone mold is the easiest to remove the bars from once they cool. You can also pour it into a small tin to throw in your purse.

To Use- Simply rub the bar over your skin. Your body heat melts the lotion. Your skin may feel oily at first, but it quickly absorbs into your skin. I love how silky my skin feels for hours and hours. These bars are also great at helping to heal rashes, eczema outbreaks, and many other skin issues.

Enjoy and let me know your opinion on this luxurious, moisturizing treat!

Homemade Natural Face WashThis recipe is super simple and probably the best and cheapest formula I have used lately. It does a great job removing makeup including eye makeup. It is also fairly moisturizing too. For someone like me it is the perfect amount of moisture while not making my oily skin any greasier.

Directions and Ingredients

3 teaspoons Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap (Baby Formula)

3 Tablespoons Filtered Water

3 Tablespoons Glycerin

1/2 Cup Olive Oil

Pour all the ingredients into a blender, and blend for 2-3 minutes to thicken it. Pour into a bottle, preferably with a pump. You only need a small amount each time. Massage onto your face for a minute. Wash off with a warm wash cloth.

DIY, homemade, natural, laundry soap,I’ve been making my own homemade laundry soap for several months. While I was hesitant to give it a try I have taken the leap and don’t plan to turn around any time soon. It really couldn’t be simpler.


1. 2 parts pure castile bar soap

2. 1 part Borax powder

3. 1 part Washing Soda

4. 10-15 drops of Essential Oil

 optional…you can choose to use scented soap instead of essential oils

STEP ONE – Grate your bar soap

STEP TWO – Add essential oil to your grated soap

STEP THREE – Mix Soap, Borax, and Washing Soda in your storage container of choice

STEP FOUR – Ask your laundry assistants to load the washing machine and add one tablespoon to each load.3-30-13-1


Sharpies, DIY, hello, tshirt, shirt, projectI want to share with you a recent DIY project I put together. It is inspired by many a blogger sharing posts and Instagram pics of there Hello Apparel merchandise. It is also a tribute to my weakness for soft vintage (or vintage styled) t-shirts.

1. Sharpie Metallic Collection

Sharpies, DIY, project,

2. Trace around cutouts of your chosen font/text

tshirt, DIY, hello, project, vintage style

3. Color in your outline

tshirt, DIY, hello, project, vintage style

Follow these simple steps, and you too can enjoy the softness and cuteness of your own vintage styled t-shirt. Enjoy!


Next up in my series of how to, upcycling, and crafting posts I bring you my recipe for making your own Natural Deodorant. This one is super simple too!

Things You Will Need

Equal Parts

Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Cornstarch

Microwave Safe Bowl

1/4 tsp Tea Tree Oil

Essential Oils for scent(optional)

Clean Used Deodorant Container(optional)

First Step: Melt the coconut oil in your microwave safe bowl.


Second Step: Mix in both the baking soda and cornstarch



Third Step: At this point you can mix in your essential oils. After cooling for a minute either pour it into your deodorant container, or leave it your bowl to apply to your underarms with your fingers.

Reminder:This is just a deodorant, and not an antiperspirant.

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