black and brown dress, NY & Co, colored tights, yellow tightsI picked this dress up on a “leave the kids with grandma, mom needs some alone time” thrifting trip just after Jazz was born. Even though I wore normal clothes most of my pregnancy it felt like I had nothing to wear now. Part of this was true, and not the mysterious fashion girl standing in front of her closet drama. I didn’t have very many things that worked well for me, since I was nursing. I’ve now become more comfortable nursing in just about anything in my closet. I found this dress, and knew the neckline would work for nursing and I would feel put together in, necklace, statement necklace, Charlotte Russe, Lia Sophia

Because, of the cold weather it was necessary for me to where tights. I couldn’t decide what color to wear, so I threw a few pairs on the bed and made Nate choose. Since, he picked yellow I went with black shoes, put on a gold and amber toned necklace, and went out the door.colored tights, oxford shoes, yellow tights

The Scoop

Dress-NY & Co (thrifted), Tights-Target, Shoes-Payless, Ring-Lia Sophia, Necklace-Charlotte Russe

Black and Brown beach dressThis dress is a cute little beach dress, that I turned into a summer worthy maternity dress. I love the fun beachy print overlay. The dress is a little big on me even with my added weight and girth, but belting it was an easy fix and I like how it looks. What do you think? Still baggy and shouldn’t be worn, or a chic option for relief in hot, humid weather?!? I’m hoping you choose the first option! If not, I will still probably wear this again. Hopefully styled a little different for fall. I also will probably try to alter it a little, so I can wear it without a belt too.

black beach dress with brown accessoriesI would love to hear how you would style this dress for fall. I’m thinking colored tights and boots. Any other suggestions? Color combos? I really like the black and brown I wore today, but I’m open to other options too.

Mod Style Beach DressLyla and I went to the park, so I knew this would be a cooler option that pants or even shorts. The flip flops were a necessity too. It was the day after a storm, and I didn’t want to trash any of my nicer shoes tramping through the woods.

black dress brown beltblack dress brown beltThe Scoop

Dress-Thrifted, Belt-Target, Shoes-Old Navy Bracelets-? Ring-Lia Sophia

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