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NY & Co, blouse, sleeveless blouse, jeans, skinny jeans, William Rast, Target, Colin Stuart, wedges, red, black,

I don’t have much for you today, but I liked this outfit and I wanted to share the quick phone pictures I snapped at the studio. The blouse and wedges were thrifted, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of them for the price paid.

ring, antique, antique spoon, spoon ring

I purchased this ring at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market. It is an antique spoon made in to a fun little ring.

cuffed jeans, red, wedges,

The Scoop

Sleeveless Blouse-NY and Co, Jeans- William Rast for Target, Wedges-Collin Stuart via Goodwill, Spoon Ring-D’zynes

blue cardigan, black pantsThe last couple of weeks my schedule out at the studio has been a little weird to say the least. I know I need to show up Monday through Thursday and on Saturday morning, but honestly, each day it is a guessing game wether I am just working in the office or teaching a class. That meant that last week I had a 75% chance that one of my soloists would cancel her rehearsal (most likely to happen on my way out to the studio). I didn’t want to sit around in my dance clothes if I was working in the office. To help make things workout for whatever happened I wore black athletic pant and a cardigan to top it off. I admit it wasn’t my greatest outfit, but it worked for either situation.Target cardigan, Old Navy athletic pants

How do you think I did styling up workout gear for casual wear? Like I said, this wouldn’t have been my first choice. However, a bright cardigan and a few pretty rings had me feeling a bit better. What do you do when you don’t know what will be happening in your day?

blue cardigan, grey tank top, black pants

The Scoop

Cardigan-Target, Tank Top-Target, Pants-Old Navy, Rings-Forever 21, Shoes(not pictured black tennis shoe)-Payless

Sarah, gave a quaint recap of the Bachelor. I’m not a big fan of the show, but she made me laugh. However, it wasn’t her witty banter that made me link this post. It was her fantastic use of color. This was not an overwhelming use of color, but just the perfect combo for winter.

Wearing it on my sleeve, mixing colors

Elaine, wore a ballerina inspired all black ensemble that looked a little Audrey too. Ballet and Breakfast at Tiffany’s equal two of my favorite things.

clothed much, black swan, ballet inspired

Last week I featured Tabitha wearing this same sweater in pink. Kendi, wore her blue version with pink pants and looked absolutely ADORABLE! Even cuter than the 3rd grade self she is comparing herself to.

Kendi Everyday, polka dot sweater, pink pants, blue shoes

vintage dress, lilac dress, cape, high heelsI try to dress up on the Sunday’s that we go to church. By dress up, I mean wearing outfits that it may be difficult to nurse in. I usually have one left over bottle from everything thawed out from Jazz’s time at Gammie’s on Saturday, so I can use that for the feeding at church. That means dresses will occasionally make their way out of my closet, or difficult blouses with my large collection of pencil skirts.ruffles, t-strap shoes, high heelsblack cape, lilac dress, purple dress, vintage dress

This lovely, vintage lilac dress I picked up for $3 at Goodwill. It comes complete with union made tags. I bought it while I was pregnant, so I didn’t know if it would ever fit me but I wasn’t going to pass it up. It is too big for me, but I belted it and wore my second hand cape that I scored at Scout Dry Goods & Trade. That helped cover up the bigger areas a bit. My other problem that day was the fact I couldn’t find my slip anywhere, so I had to wear my purple pencil skirt underneath to keep things covered up. We also had some nicer weather Sunday, so I was bare legged and wore one of my favorite pair of open toed heels. I was in heaven! Talbot's cape, black cape, vintage dress

The Scoop

Vintage Dress-Thrifted, Cape-Talbott’s via second hand, High Heels-Younkers, Belt-Charlotte Russe

colored pants, over the knee boots, otk bootsYesterday, I wore a pair of colored tights for Everybody, Everywear. Today, I’m wearing a pair of colored pants. I love wearing colored leg wear no matter what the type may be. It just makes me happy and stand out a bit. Colored pants and tights are perfect pieces for fall/winter. When it is rainy, snowy, grey outside having a little extra color in your outfit is nice. Don’t you think?

colored pants, over the knee boots, I was actually a little disappointed when I wore this outfit. It was one of those days when the morning is FREEZING cold, but by the afternoon it is up to 60+ degrees out. Guess I should check the weather a little better when choosing outfits.

J. Crew cardigan sweaterThe Scoop

Cardigan-J Crew(thrifted), Tank Top-Target, Colored Pants-NY & Co.(thrifted),        Boots-Target, Necklace-Miss Ky’s Couture

What do you wear on cloudy, bad weather days?

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