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Some people like condiments, and pile them on like crazy. Others avoid them like the plague. While some, like me, choose to use only one. While I do not like the taste of mustard I LOVE the color. I think it looks great paired with these camel colored dress pants, my blue scarf, and leopard print ballet flats.
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Sweater-Target, Scarf-Target, Pants-Target, Shoes-Target

Hawaii five-0


I couldn’t Let summer slide by without wearing my Hawaiian print dress at last once. Last summer, I wore it to one of the last Farmer’s Market trips I took before baby Jazz made his grand arrival. However, I knew I wanted to style it differently this time. I decided it was cool enough for a bit of layering. I tucked the dress into a full skirt and belted it. Put on a pair of faux wooden heels and called it an outfit. What do you think?



The Scoop

Dress turned Blouse-NY & Co via Goodwill, Full Skirt-Handmade via Goodwill, Wooden Heels-Payless

Black and Brown beach dressThis dress is a cute little beach dress, that I turned into a summer worthy maternity dress. I love the fun beachy print overlay. The dress is a little big on me even with my added weight and girth, but belting it was an easy fix and I like how it looks. What do you think? Still baggy and shouldn’t be worn, or a chic option for relief in hot, humid weather?!? I’m hoping you choose the first option! If not, I will still probably wear this again. Hopefully styled a little different for fall. I also will probably try to alter it a little, so I can wear it without a belt too.

black beach dress with brown accessoriesI would love to hear how you would style this dress for fall. I’m thinking colored tights and boots. Any other suggestions? Color combos? I really like the black and brown I wore today, but I’m open to other options too.

Mod Style Beach DressLyla and I went to the park, so I knew this would be a cooler option that pants or even shorts. The flip flops were a necessity too. It was the day after a storm, and I didn’t want to trash any of my nicer shoes tramping through the woods.

black dress brown beltblack dress brown beltThe Scoop

Dress-Thrifted, Belt-Target, Shoes-Old Navy Bracelets-? Ring-Lia Sophia


All maternity clothes are frumpy, and make you look one step away from being a bag toting, cat lady. False!

This maternity top leans towards being a bit baggy, and can make you look top heavy. I styled it with a belt, and my maxi dress worn as a skirt. It made it look a little more fitted, and 100% more put together mamma to-be-again than cat lady.

Unfortunately, I put this on just to take Lyla on a walk and grab dinner as soon as Nate got home. That would be why I’m wearing flip-flops and my bra strap is exposed. I can promise you it wasn’t exposed the whole time. Just during these pictures.

The Scoop

Shirt-Kohl’s, Belt-Target, Dress as Skirt-Target, Flip-Flops-Old Navy



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