Sweater, Button Up, Pencil Skirt, Boots
This sweater and my husband’s old button up have proven themselves quite valuable in my wardrobe. Both pieces have been worn in pre, post, and in the height of pregnancy wardrobes. However, I believe this is the first time these two have been combined. Must say, I love the results.


Sweater-NY & Co, Button Up-seconhand, Skirt-Goodwill, Belt-NY & Co, Tights-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe


Happy Monday folks! Monday and happy don’t usually exist in the same sentence. However, today is a happy Monday for me. We are borrowing my Dad’s car. We are purchasing a new car in the next couple of months. For the last few months I’ve been driving a car without many luxuries, including but not limited to, no heat. Few reasons this is hard to handle. 1. I live in Nebraska- it’s cold! 2. I have two kids with me most of the time. 3. I drive for 45 minutes late at night. The car we are borrowing not only has heat the windows work too! This car is why today is a happy Monday!




Scarf-ModCloth, Sweater-Target(re-dyed), Jeans-Gap, Boots-Charlotte Russe


When my husband gave me this faux fur vest for Christmas last year I liked it, but was unsure how I would wear it. Last week I wore it in a color blocked look with lilac colored jeans and a blue sweater. This week I styled more of a throwback look with a vintage dress, colored tights, and a pair of boots.



Vest-Gift, Dress-Vintage, Tights-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

orange sweater, sweater, scarf, leggings, boots

After posting two almost identical outfits so close together I wanted to make sure I was not wearing mustard yellow yet again. Instead, I went with a cozy orange sweater and a pretty scarf.


Scarf-D&G, Sweater-thrifted, Leggings-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

eShakti, mustard, yellow, blouse, long sleeves, blue, scarf, camel, pants, dress pants, boots, charlotte russe, target

It feels like I just wore this outfit. Well, a few days ago I posted this version of the same outfit. I didn’t even realize that I was doing this. I intended on wearing my grey, wool, pencil skirt, however, I found out that it has a tear in it.
1-7-13#2 1-7-13#3 Scarf-Target, Blouse-eShakti, Pants-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

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