Good morning! I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one. Mine went well. Lyla had her first friend birthday party Saturday, and she loved it. Now she is in full planning mode for her birthday this next month. Sunday afternoon, Nate was finally off work for the week. As a family we spent some time in the pool letting the kids splash around. Jazz loves to float, and Lyla wears water wings and paddles around pulling him. They just have a blast together.


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Sundress/Blouse-Target, Belt-Target, Shorts-Gap cutoffs

Brush Strokes


This is the first day back at the studio for the summer session. I’m thrilled to go back. Most people would love a week off from work, but this last week and a half have gone by so slowly. Don’t take me wrong…I enjoyed spending some extra time with my husband and kids. I just miss dance and teaching kids. You know you love what you do when you can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve come up with lots of new ideas for combos, or possible dances for next year. At least, I get five weeks to test some of these ideas out. Now, I need to figure out a new schedule for working out, blogging, and housework. I’ll get it all figured out just in time for it to change again this fall. Oh well, such is life.


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Cardigan-Target, Shirt-Target, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Target


The squiggly print of this Target top reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown’s classic yellow shirt. I know they really look nothing alike, but go with me on this one. What good old Chuck wishes is that the back of his shirt was as fun as mine. Really, do you blame him?!? These pictures are iPhone shots from a busy day at the studio during rehearsal week. Probably a day I worked in the office folding and assembling hundreds of recital programs.


I love the mix of fun summer colors, and the laid back fit of relaxed shorts and an oversized shirt. I was comfy, fun, and put together. If that doesn’t scream summer at you I don’t know what will


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Shirt-Target, Shorts-Goodwill, Shoes-Skechers


I read a post by Kendi, of Kendi Everydaywhere she wore capris despite remembering a quote from Tim Gunn. The quote relates to ladies saying no to capris. Yet, there she is looking stylish in her cropped crop pants. Well, if Kendi can I can too!


Since, Jazz got his turn in the spotlight and I didn’t get very many good pictures from this shoot. I am sharing with you the only decent picture and two goofy pictures with Lyla. She said we needed to pose like divas. I guess that makes these our diva poses.


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Blazer-thrifted, Tank-Target, Capris-thrifted, Shoes-Target

I wrote a post after my three year old daughter told me why she wears clothes. I asked at the end of that post if anybody wanted to guest post telling us why they wear clothes. This is what Curvy CEO sent me. If you would like to submit a guest post on why you wear clothes email me at danit AT noguiltfashion DOT com

Why I Wear Clothes – Guest Blog for No Guilt Fashion by Curvy CEO

I wear the clothes I do for one very simple reason.

I am a fat, black woman.

I don’t say this to denigrate myself. I gave up fear of the word “fat” long ago. To me, it’s just an adjective. Sure, I’d prefer something a little more musical sounding like “curvy,” “voluptuous” or “zaftig.” I’ll take “plus-sized” or “full-figured.” I am even comfortable with “overweight.” But, when most people see me they will not think of these polite euphemisms. Instead, I will just be “fat” and all of the negative connotations that come with that term.

Unfortunately, due to the pervasiveness of prejudice and stereotypes, once you add my race into the equation, many people will see me as this:

Hattie McDaniel as “Mammy” in 1939’s “Gone with the Wind”


Well, let’s be fair. It’s 2012. So maybe they might see me as this:

Mo’Nique as “Mary” in the 2009 film “Precious”

Lest you think I’m being too sensitive, I offer up the fact that even our beloved First Lady, who is noted for her commitment to health and fitness as well as her incredible physique, has been (wrongly!) subjected to this stereotype as well.


Now, if people can attack and mislabel one of the smartest, most powerful and most beautiful black women in the world, that makes it clear that they have no issue with stereotyping lil’ ol’ me.

That is why I wear clothes – I dress to impress. With my clothes, I want to say, “Yes, I may be ‘fat,’ but I am classy and fierce.” By doing so, I hope that maybe, just maybe, more often when they see women like me they won’t think of the stereotypes, but think of the elegance and achievement of plus-size women of color.


Hattie McDaniel after receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1940

Mo’Nique giving her acceptance speech for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2010

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