I told you earlier that I’m writing posts pretty far in advance in preparation for my little guy’s arrival. Well the night I wore this was probably the last night out alone Nate and I would enjoy before becoming parents of two. Our evenings will return to diapering, feeding, and shushing Jazz to sleep. I won’t regret it at all, but I’m savoring my current life too.corduroy jacket, jeans

We went out to pick up dinner and bring it back home to enjoy. We tried a newish wing joint in town, J & K Wings and More, I would have to say that the regular food is only so so. However, the wings and sauces are pretty darn good. I had the Thai mustard sauce on my chicken sandwich. For someone who doesn’t usually like mustard I really liked it. For our wings we tried the Ragin Cajun sauce. I would have liked something a little spicier, but it did have a nice spice to it and great flavor. The wings are a pretty good size too.corduroy jacket, jeans

When we brought our food back home we settled in to watch a couple of movies. After the first movie we went out to get some snacks. We ended up walking around Barnes & Noble for a bit too. Once we made it back home we watched our second movie, and snuggled up for the evening.corduroy jacket, abstract print shirt, jeans

Jacket-Forever21(thrifted), Shirt-Target, Pants-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Skechers

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