Sharpies, DIY, hello, tshirt, shirt, projectI want to share with you a recent DIY project I put together. It is inspired by many a blogger sharing posts and Instagram pics of there Hello Apparel merchandise. It is also a tribute to my weakness for soft vintage (or vintage styled) t-shirts.

1. Sharpie Metallic Collection

Sharpies, DIY, project,

2. Trace around cutouts of your chosen font/text

tshirt, DIY, hello, project, vintage style

3. Color in your outline

tshirt, DIY, hello, project, vintage style

Follow these simple steps, and you too can enjoy the softness and cuteness of your own vintage styled t-shirt. Enjoy!

I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day, or plain old Thursday. Whatever you choose to call today. Personally, I have never actually celebrated Valentine’s Day in any special way since getting out of middle school. Yes, I have been married for almost five years. Yes, I have been with the same guy for another’s two years before that. However, I have always danced or taught dance classes on V-Day. That means no big celebration for me.

Now, I have Lyla and Valentine’s is a pretty big deal to her this year. Last year she just wanted to have cards to give to the kids in her class. This year, she wanted to make her own special cards, do something special, and surprise someone. Well, I can’t spill the beans of our surprise. The person being surprised is a blog reader, so I don’t want to spoil it. If you follow me on twitter, or Instagram (noguiltfashion) you will see it later. I will show you the cards Lla worked like an assembly line on. She did everything but trace her own hand.



It is sing language for, “I love you.”

I came across these confetti glasses from Anthroplogie, and I knew I wanted to make my own wine glasses inspired by this design. It was fun and easy, so I wanted to share it with you. Trust me, if I say a craft or DIY project of any kind is easy it really is a piece of cake. I’m not the craftiest person out there. All you need is your wine glasses, acrylic paint in the colors of your choice, and a few paint brushes. You could probably get away with using one brush and dabbing it around to make different sizes. I just found it easier to get the dots as solid as I wanted with different brush sizes.


I started by using my darkest color to make the biggest dots randomly over the bottom half of the glass. After that I moved on through the colors I chose from darkest to lightest. Making to dots in varying size. Some crossed over other existing dots and some are right next to each other. In a few spots I left a little space.



After you are satisfied with how the glass looks I put it in the oven at 245° for 45 minutes to set the paint. Supposedly, this is supposed to make it dishwasher safe too, but I will still wash these by hand.


I bought the glasses at the dollar store and already had the paint brushes and paint, so this was a cheap project too.


sweatshirt, skirt, boots at the Apple Jack FestivalLast weekend was the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City. My sister, her boyfriend, Nate, and I made the drive up to Nebraska City for their yearly Apple Jack Festival. We walked around Arbor Day Farms, checking out the craft fair and the barns. They have so many yummy apple treats from caramel apples and pies, to apple wines and apple cider. Despite the cold, damp day I decided to enjoy an apple cider slushy. Must say it was a cold decision, but very tasty!Gap Sweatshirt

After trekking all over the farms we headed into town to take a peak at a couple other things Nebraska City had going on for the Apple Jack Festival. We went to the Factory Stores to take a look at the flea market booths they had set up. We also went to the Cincinnati House that is home to a little antique shop. They had a lot of political memorabilia, but in the upstairs level I found my piece of treasure. I found a cute green rocking chair that is just perfect for the nursery. Best part is was the inexpensive price tag, and the fact that it doesn’t squeak one bit! Doesn’t hurt it is comfy too!Arbor Lodge Park sweatshirt, umbrella, skirt, boots

When done in town we went back towards the farm, and decided to take pictures at the Arbor Lodge Park. We wanted to walk around the Morton family mansion, but didn’t have the cash on hand to take the tour. It is probably for the best. I usually prefer to do the exploring on my own anyway. The four of us decided to hit the trail around the park instead. We all had varying footwear, and I was the only one that had shoes that worked best for the sometimes non existent trail. Thankfully, nobody fell down or twisted an ankle. Our only dangerous run in was Austin almost being attacked by a squirrel. This left us doubled over in laughter for several minutes before we could finish up the trail.pattern skirt, boots, sweatshirt

All in all the Apple Jack Festival was a lot of fun despite the rain. This weekend if the baby hasn’t already made its arrival we will be heading up to the Barn Festival in Hastings, NE. Do you attend any fall festivals? Which ones?hiking in a skirtsisters

Sweatshirt-Gap, Shirt-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Walmart, Umbrella-Walmart

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