orange sweater, sweater, scarf, leggings, boots

After posting two almost identical outfits so close together I wanted to make sure I was not wearing mustard yellow yet again. Instead, I went with a cozy orange sweater and a pretty scarf.


Scarf-D&G, Sweater-thrifted, Leggings-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

orange shirt, skinny jeans, D&G scarfThis is what I wore for my birthday on Tuesday. My husband worked and had school, so I didn’t get to really celebrate my birthday. I did have a day full of activities that kept me busy and smiling.D&G scarf, orange shirt

I started out the day fully rested thanks to Jazz thoughtfully allowing me a solid six hour stretch of sleep. We then headed out to my Mom’s office to show off Gammie’s precious little bundle. Afterwards we went to Trader Joe’s, and picked up a few yummy treats. We came home to eat our delicious chicken noodle soup. Then it was time to head over to the library. We hung out there for awhile practicing naming letters on the magnet board and coloring. Once we tired of that it was time to go back home and get my little ballerina ready for dance.Express skinny jeans, D&G scarf, orange shirt

The big end to my day was Lyla deciding that my birthday dinner should be McDonald’s. Um? Yum? Regardless, of how the day went I was happy to spend it with my kids.wooden heels

The Scoop

Scarf- D&G, Shirt-Target, Jeans-Express, Shoes-Payless

P.S. Nate you owe me on Friday night!

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