yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesThis shirt is another hand me down (Should i say hand me up, because, I’m the big sister.) from my sister. I bought a few things from Hollister when I was in high school, but I don’t remember them being this soft. This shirt is incredibly soft. It was like wearing pajamas all day, but in a fun, sunshine yellow color. Pairing it up with a soft blue scarf, skinny jeans, and flats for a trip to the zoo was perfect.yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarves

We finally had some fall like weather. We enjoyed ourselves greatly with a cool breeze, and every animal seemed to be awake and active too. That makes for a better zoo trip overall.yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarves

yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesyellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesThe Scoop
Scarf-Seconhand, Shirt-Hollister(secondhand), Jeans-Gap, Shoes-Skechers

This week Katie of ModlyChic asked everyone participating in this week’s Friend Friday topic to write a list of what we are thankful for. With everything that has happened to me lately, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Think and Thank


  • October 1st Jasper was warmly welcomed into our family. He has brought smiles to all of our faces. He was born early, yet absolutely nothing was wrong with him. Not even a tinge of jaundice. For as tiny as he was I am amazed that every little part of him was in perfect working order. Now I am thankful that he is nursing well for me, and taking bottles like a champ when I’m at work. He is growing like a weed despite his small beginning.
  • Recently my grandmother passed away. Even now it may bring tears to my eyes, but the wonderful memories greatly outweigh the sadness. I’m thankful for little things I have that remind me of her, and put a smile on my face. I inherited a mixer from her. It is the same mixer that my sister and I would use to make cookies at Grandma’s house. Now I have the honor of using it with my own daughter.
  • I’m thankful for a job that I love. Sharing my love of dance with the students I teach is a wonderful experience. I love watching them perform in our end of the year recital. The smile on their faces after they have put in all of that hard work is priceless.
  • I’m thankful for ever renewing patience with my daughter. Not everybody could listen to her talk all day long!
  • Seems silly, but I’m thankful for Pinterest. Whenever I open it up I find so much inspiration (crafts, food photography, style, etc.)
  • I’m thankful for the rest of my family too. So many more laughs to be had with these guys/gals.
  • I am thankful for my body. For all of the amazing transformations it went through last year. For how strong I am. Thankful that I bounce back fast, and have already returned to the dance floor after giving birth. I am also thankful that this morning I fit back into my absolutely favorite jeans!

orange shirt, skinny jeans, D&G scarfThis is what I wore for my birthday on Tuesday. My husband worked and had school, so I didn’t get to really celebrate my birthday. I did have a day full of activities that kept me busy and smiling.D&G scarf, orange shirt

I started out the day fully rested thanks to Jazz thoughtfully allowing me a solid six hour stretch of sleep. We then headed out to my Mom’s office to show off Gammie’s precious little bundle. Afterwards we went to Trader Joe’s, and picked up a few yummy treats. We came home to eat our delicious chicken noodle soup. Then it was time to head over to the library. We hung out there for awhile practicing naming letters on the magnet board and coloring. Once we tired of that it was time to go back home and get my little ballerina ready for dance.Express skinny jeans, D&G scarf, orange shirt

The big end to my day was Lyla deciding that my birthday dinner should be McDonald’s. Um? Yum? Regardless, of how the day went I was happy to spend it with my kids.wooden heels

The Scoop

Scarf- D&G, Shirt-Target, Jeans-Express, Shoes-Payless

P.S. Nate you owe me on Friday night!

sweatshirt, skirt, boots at the Apple Jack FestivalLast weekend was the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City. My sister, her boyfriend, Nate, and I made the drive up to Nebraska City for their yearly Apple Jack Festival. We walked around Arbor Day Farms, checking out the craft fair and the barns. They have so many yummy apple treats from caramel apples and pies, to apple wines and apple cider. Despite the cold, damp day I decided to enjoy an apple cider slushy. Must say it was a cold decision, but very tasty!Gap Sweatshirt

After trekking all over the farms we headed into town to take a peak at a couple other things Nebraska City had going on for the Apple Jack Festival. We went to the Factory Stores to take a look at the flea market booths they had set up. We also went to the Cincinnati House that is home to a little antique shop. They had a lot of political memorabilia, but in the upstairs level I found my piece of treasure. I found a cute green rocking chair that is just perfect for the nursery. Best part is was the inexpensive price tag, and the fact that it doesn’t squeak one bit! Doesn’t hurt it is comfy too!Arbor Lodge Park sweatshirt, umbrella, skirt, boots

When done in town we went back towards the farm, and decided to take pictures at the Arbor Lodge Park. We wanted to walk around the Morton family mansion, but didn’t have the cash on hand to take the tour. It is probably for the best. I usually prefer to do the exploring on my own anyway. The four of us decided to hit the trail around the park instead. We all had varying footwear, and I was the only one that had shoes that worked best for the sometimes non existent trail. Thankfully, nobody fell down or twisted an ankle. Our only dangerous run in was Austin almost being attacked by a squirrel. This left us doubled over in laughter for several minutes before we could finish up the trail.pattern skirt, boots, sweatshirt

All in all the Apple Jack Festival was a lot of fun despite the rain. This weekend if the baby hasn’t already made its arrival we will be heading up to the Barn Festival in Hastings, NE. Do you attend any fall festivals? Which ones?hiking in a skirtsisters

Sweatshirt-Gap, Shirt-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Walmart, Umbrella-Walmart

I don’t usually post things like this. There isn’t anything fashion like in this post. It is simply pictures of our mini staycation trip to Lost In Fun. However, as I’ve mentioned I’m nearing my due date, so I’m trying to spread out my post ideas to try and make it through without leaving too much dead time.

I spent most of this visit to a wonderful indoor play facility behind camera. I was in so much pain that there was no way what so ever that I could dive into foam pits, jump on inflatables, or even climb up to go down a slide with my daughter. However, even though I was stuck observing I had a blast.


I was actually trying to judge throughout our 6+ hours of play time who had the most fun Nate or Lyla. foam-pit-father-daughter

You see, for every blur that is my child caught at play Daddy is not far behind! There was giggles all around!

One picture of where I am not behind the lens. It happened while she was taking a break “just a second, only one!”. “Mom, I want to play again.” was said moments after the picture was snapped.

No Guilt Fashion will be back to normal posts tomorrow. Thank you for putting up with my random post of the day. Also, if interested in guest posting for me in October during my blogger’s maternity leave let me know.

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