Do you remember this yellow dress I wore to the library? I loved several things about the dress, but I also was drowning in it even at 9 months pregnant. I decided at 99 cents it was ok to take it to my own personal chop shop, and make some alterations to it.

thrifted yellow dress

I started by measuring about how long I wanted to dress to be from the waist down. Since, the skirt of the dress is very full I needed to make sure I angled the tape measure when I was marking out where to cut.

The next step was to cut in a curve along my pre-measured markings. altering a thrifted yellow dress

The next alteration step is to hem the dress, however, I am currently skipping this step. I want to make sure I don’t need to cut off more once the baby bump is gone. Also, the top is a bit big, but my wide, white belt cinched it up just fine.

thrifted yellow dress with white belt.

Other alterations needed, but I don’t have a working sewing machine to make.

  • The sleeves need shortened and taken in a bit.
  • The waist will need to be adjusted too once the baby arrives.
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