They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but shoes keep her strutting around stylishly. They really can make or break an outfit. I want to show you some iconic shoes, and today’s interpretation of them. Now, some of these shoes will be amazing and I would be proud to wear them out and about. However, prepare yourself. Some of the shoe interpretations are just plain horrendous.

Cinderella had a fairy godmother that waived a magic wand to prepare her for a ball. Her look was made complete with glass footwear.

cinderella shoes, glass slippers


Now, I found the following shoes after searching for Cinderella Shoes. They are from a wedding website, however I wouldn’t wear them to my own Cinderella ball or wedding for that matter. Cinderella shoes, glass slippers


I also never have or never will wear the lucite “prom” shoes either. You know what I mean. Huge platforms combined with spiky clear heels that you can see your feet perspire in. In addition to being one of the top most blister inducing shoes known to man. Ouch! I will cram my foot into my old pointe shoes, and dance a full length version of Cinderella before I wear those shoes.

Next up is the shoes with transportation powers. Yes, I’m talking about Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers.

ruby slippers, dorothy's shoes, wizard of oz

While my home may not be in Kansas, and my three best friends aren’t a scarecrow, tin man, and a cowardly lion I would wear a Louboutin version of this sparkly red shoe in a heart beat if someone bought me them.

Christian Louboutin, ruby slippers, red shoes, high heels

Now, for another pair of red shoes I would wear if I didn’t get danced to my death.

The Red Shoes, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, red pointe shoes

from my DVD cover

Are there any iconic shoes you would want to wear a modern day version of? My husband personally would love a pair of these Nike Hyperdunks.

Nike, Hyperdunks, Marty McFly, Back To The Future


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