Cable knit sweater, neon sweater, American EagleI must admit, I am having a love affair with neon colors. They are so bright and cheery on these cold, grey, winter days. How can you not put on a highlighter yellow, off the shoulder, sweater and not have a smile on your face. Tell me you would feel the same way. I know you would. Right?!?neon sweater, skinny jeans,

I purchased this sweater at American Eagle using a gift card from one of my dance students. I lucked out the day I went to redeem the card. American Eagle was having 40% off all tops. I picked up this neon sweater and two other shirts. However, I didn’t try anything on in store, because, I had both of the kids with me. I underestimated the size of my boobs, so one of the shirts I got had to go back. black lace, neon, sweater

I went with the simple pairing of jeans an a lace backed tank. However, I’m excited to do more experimental pairings with it. black leather jacket

The Scoop

Neon Sweater-American Eagle, Tank Top-Kohl’s, Jeans-William Rast for Target,   Shoes-Skechers, Jacket- Wilson’s Leather

This month for Everybody, Everywear bloggers everywhere are wearing lace. After the voting ended, an lace was announced the winner I automatically started thinking about what lace items I had in my closet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lace or lace accented pieces. I guess I did have a camisole or two that have a small amount of lace trim on the neckline. In my opinion that didn’t actually count. I didn’t even have any cute lace wrapped accessories. What I did have is a lace nightie. Insert giggles, snickers, or blushing. I immediately began brainstorming on ways I could make it appropriate to wear out.I lucked out and had a nice, cool day last week. I’m talking thunderstorms the night before and only reaching 65. I was ecstatic! That meant I could layer a bandeau under and a cardigan on top. That meant I could be completely covered, yet still show off my lace.

I took advantage of the beautiful weather, and my free time by going to the park and taking pictures on the bike path. I’ve taken pictures outside before, but it isn’t nearly as nerve wracking when your husband is taking your pictures. This was my first go around with outdoor self-portraiture. I lucked out and nobody went by on the path. I just had to deal with a construction worker gawking at me from the parking lot. I hope to do this more often, now that I am home with Lyla during the day. I guess I should start reading up on Hello Monkey Face’s Self-Caught Feature. I didn’t have any issues with other passer-bys until I moved up to take accessory shots.The Scoop

Nightgown-gift, Cardigan-Walmart, Belt-NY and Co, Jeans-William Rast  for Target, Shoes-Payless

How do you deal with curious onlookers? Any outdoor self-portraiture tips?

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

A Bit of Lace

I irritated my eyes too much yesterday swimming in my contacts, so I had to break out the glasses today. Hopefully my eyes will be back to normal tomorrow morning. It isn’t that I think I don’t look good in my glasses. I just find life more comfortable without them. I also am not a big fan of how my glasses photograph. Oh well.

Today, I’m wearing my pencil skirt again. Last time I wore it with flats, and wasn’t thrilled with how it looked. See Here. I have yet to get a new pair of black pumps, so I wore my black and silver spectator heels this go around. I like it better with a heel, but these still don’t fit the bill. I think it has to do with the hight of the heel, or lack there of in this case. I really like the lace back on the tank top. It adds a little something special.

The Scoop
Tank- Kohl’s
Skirt- Gap via The Black Market
Shoes- Target

What is your favorite heel hight?
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