purple, tanktop, skirt, sandalsI can’t wait for cooler weather. Lucky me that Thursday and Friday of last week the weather cooled off a bit. It was a easily tolerable 75 degrees out. That slight change in weather had me thinking fall, and I wanted to style a dress I’ve worn numerous times but has yet to make its way onto the blog. Don’t ask me why, sometimes these things just happen for unexplainable reasons. It just reminds me of fall, and a bit like camouflage the more I think about it. I suppose that means fall to me too?!?purple, tanktop, skirt, sandals

I find it funny that the first time this dress is posted here it isn’t even worn as a dress. Well, such is life when you try to make the most out of your closet instead of wearing things as they are. By the way, this dress is another¬†maternity piece worn even when not pregnant.

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Tanktop-Forever21, Materniy Dress as a Skirt-Target, Sandals-Target, Necklace-Kohl’s

I used to hate wearing denim on denim, but I really like this look. Maybe it is the polka dots that break it up, or the bright pink moccasins. On the other hand it could be how comfy these pants are, even at 23 weeks pregnant.

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Button Up-Wal-Mart, Shirt-Motherhood Maternity, Pants-NY and Co., Shoes-Target

How do you rock denim on denim without feeling overly country?

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You must wear maternity clothes as soon as you can’t button your jeans.

I went shopping a few weekends ago. I was looking for shorts that I could wear this summer during this pregnancy. I started off looking at the maternity section, because, well it’s obvious I’m pregnant and will be all summer. However, I was really unhappy with any of my options. They all fit horribly, and I wasn’t going to sacrifice being comfortable in them for a chance to cool off.

I decided to play all my cards and try out the juniors department. I found several pairs I liked including a pair of fun salmon colored shorts. Sadly, they didn’t have a pair in my new size. I did find a pair that sits low enough to be worn under my baby belly. With my Bella Band, they should fit during the hottest parts of the summer based on my last pregnancy.

What do you think? Should pregnant women be restricted to elastic waist bands, and floaty, shapeless shirts? I think not, and hope to prove how wrong those ideas are this summer. I would love to have you along for the journey.

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Vest-Walmart, Cami-Gap, Belt-Charlotte Russe, Shorts-Target

Yep, I’m in that horribly awkward stage where my regular clothes don’t fit right and maternity clothes keep me busy all day yanking on them. What have I been doing to fight my hardest through this battle? I’m wearing dresses, tunics, or at least really long shirts with my sized up jeans. Depending on the day I may need to top this ensemble with the ever popular pregnancy band. Don’t even get me started on that thing. I feel that it is a blessing disguised as cruel hoops that must be jumped through each time you stand up.

I apologize again for my silence. Lots of things going on at the moment, and I’m having trouble staying on top of it all. The other reason being I really have not had many more than mediocre outfits. As I said earlier, this is probably the best of the best when it comes to my new uniform. I hope to pass this shortly, and have some time and energy to take pictures again soon. You can’t even see my 15 week bump here since, these are old(ish) pics.

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Striped Shirt- H&M, Dress- Thrifted, Jeans- William Rast for Target, Shoes- Skechers

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