This month for Everybody, Everywear the public choose mix prints as the way to dress. I don’t have anything against mixing patterns. In fact, I’ve done it before.  However, I knew this time around I would have a little more difficulty. You see most of my items that fit me at this point are solid colors. I have some prints that still fit, but they are mostly bottoms only. Pretty tough to put together an outfit of just skirts. Though I know it could be doable. Hmmm…Maybe that should be my next self-challenge! I lucked out with a slightly cooler than average day. That meant this polka dot and bird print cardigan could make another blog appearance. Woot, Woot! This dress, turned skirt, worn as a dress, has also made it to the blog more than a few times.

Together, they made a good pattern mixing duo for the challenge! I also felt pretty in this outfit, and at 30 weeks pregnant that is always a good thing!

The Scoop

Cardigan-Target gifted by Dotty, Maxi Dress/Skirt-Forever21, Shoes-Target Necklace-Miss Ky’s Couture better pics w/ review to come

These pictures were taken at our local Veteran’s Memorial Garden. It was an experience with Lyla that I will never forget. She is very inquisitive, and wanted to know about where we were. I explained to her what all the names were about. She was very concerned about the people represented, and was sad that some of them never came home to there mommy and daddy. She said she was happy that they were helping her, but wanted to take the time to pray for them. Of course, I obliged her.

The next part was tough. Every statue or monument we passed she wanted to know what it was for. Some were easier than others to explain to a three year old, but all in all I think she learned at least a little bit. I know it made me cry.

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing


All maternity clothes are frumpy, and make you look one step away from being a bag toting, cat lady. False!

This maternity top leans towards being a bit baggy, and can make you look top heavy. I styled it with a belt, and my maxi dress worn as a skirt. It made it look a little more fitted, and 100% more put together mamma to-be-again than cat lady.

Unfortunately, I put this on just to take Lyla on a walk and grab dinner as soon as Nate got home. That would be why I’m wearing flip-flops and my bra strap is exposed. I can promise you it wasn’t exposed the whole time. Just during these pictures.

The Scoop

Shirt-Kohl’s, Belt-Target, Dress as Skirt-Target, Flip-Flops-Old Navy



I bought this as a maxi dress to wear to a wedding two summers ago. Let’s just say after having Lyla, and now especially being pregnant with the little guy, the top part just doesn’t fit right anymore. However, I loved the print and maxi dresses and skirts are still in style. I took my scissors and chopped off the top I’ve worn it before with a shirt tucked in and belted. That way works much better, but is way too uncomfortable for me at the moment. Thankfully, the bump is big enough that my Bella Band was all I needed to keep it up for the most part.

The Scoop

Shirt-NY and Co., Skirt-Forever21, Shoes-Steve Madden

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