yellow scarf, grey sweater, skinny jeans, william rast jeans, boots,I’m working on taking outfit pictures more frequently again. The day i took these pictures, we had a 60+ degree day just the day before. Now, winter has decided to show up. Winter brought his friends wind and snow along too. However, I had a goal and the wind, snow, and freezing temps were not going to get the best of me. I decided I would just make the drive out to the studio, and take pictures behind the studio (using the roof of my car as a tripod due to the wind). So here you go! Windblown and freezing, snow swirling and partially cut off, but I took the pictures none the less.grey sweater, yellow scarf, skinny jeans

I had a great weekend, complete with lots of cleaning and organizing. I didn’t necessarily ENJOY the cleaning and organizing part, but I was very happy with clean and calming effect it had on my mood. I did a few loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned and organized my bedroom, and bought sheets for Lyla’s bigger bed. How was you weekend? Did you achieve your goals? Anything exiting happen?tan boots, boots, high heel boots

The Scoop

Long Sleeve-Target, Sweater-NY & Co, Scarf-Target, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

yellow dress, tour de lincoln bikeThis dress didn’t look like it does know when I bought it. I’ll post more on that another day. However, it had several important things about it. It has pockets, a color, full skirt, and it was yellow. How much fun is it to wear a yellow dress? I felt like the sun shined a little brighter every time I walked out the door. Maybe it was a little brighter inside too. Anyway, I love my yellow dress and can’t wait to wear it this fall too.chunky wooden heels, yellow dress, tour de lincoln bike

Do you wear bright colors in the fall, or are you one that transitions over to jewel towns and colors inspired by the changing of the leaves? I think all colors can be worn all year long with the right combinations.yellow dress, white belt

I felt a bit like Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear posing in my yellow dress by one of the Tour de Lincoln bikes. However, Tania would have had her own stack of books as accessories and a real bike. I hope to get a bike by next spring, so maybe I can recreate this look again sometime.bracelets, stacked bracelets, accessories, pearl ring

I also received a lot of flack from my father in-law for wearing such high heels while pregnant. I just shrugged, and thought to myself if Terra can wear her heels up until she pops I can too!thrifted yellow dress, chunky heels

Yellow Dress-LA Gear(thrifted), Belt-NY & Co., Shoes-Payless, Ring-?,                Bracelets-Charlotte Russe

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