I told you earlier that I’m writing posts pretty far in advance in preparation for my little guy’s arrival. Well the night I wore this was probably the last night out alone Nate and I would enjoy before becoming parents of two. Our evenings will return to diapering, feeding, and shushing Jazz to sleep. I won’t regret it at all, but I’m savoring my current life too.corduroy jacket, jeans

We went out to pick up dinner and bring it back home to enjoy. We tried a newish wing joint in town, J & K Wings and More, I would have to say that the regular food is only so so. However, the wings and sauces are pretty darn good. I had the Thai mustard sauce on my chicken sandwich. For someone who doesn’t usually like mustard I really liked it. For our wings we tried the Ragin Cajun sauce. I would have liked something a little spicier, but it did have a nice spice to it and great flavor. The wings are a pretty good size too.corduroy jacket, jeans

When we brought our food back home we settled in to watch a couple of movies. After the first movie we went out to get some snacks. We ended up walking around Barnes & Noble for a bit too. Once we made it back home we watched our second movie, and snuggled up for the evening.corduroy jacket, abstract print shirt, jeans

Jacket-Forever21(thrifted), Shirt-Target, Pants-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Skechers

Since I’ve gone back to working just about every afternoon/evening at the dance studio I’ve resorted to setting up my tripod and wrangling Lyla to stay within eyesight. A lot of these shoots involve Lyla running around while I run back and forth setting my camera timer. I also have a new tripod sort of like the Gorilla Pod that I’m trying to work with. I’m not always sure where to put it, but I’m getting a bit better. This is the first set of my return to self-photography, so cut me some slack. However, weekends will be photographed by Nate still so you aren’t completely doomed to my testing things out.

self-photography plaid blouseWe’ve been to this playground so many times this summer. I like how small it is, and I can sit down and watch Lyla run around. I’ve tried several different places to bend my tripod around to get some decent pictures. Since, this was the first day I didn’t do a great job. However, they get a bit better the next time I took self-photos at this park. There is hope, but for today you only get one picture.

Plaid Blouse-the Black Market, Tank Top-Target, Shorts-Motherhood Maternity (altered to taste), Sandals-Target

 Purple and olive head to toe. By the way, if I hadn’t said it yet, I love these shoes. So comfy!!! I’ve said it before, I find most Target shoes comfortable.
The Scoop
Shirt- Thrifted
Pants- Target
Shoes- Target
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I didn’t jump on the skinny band wagon train at the start. I put a pair in my cart more than once, but never made the purchase. Before I started the 30 for 30 challenge, I found a pair in the girl’s department at Target. My only issue with them is the buttons on the adjustable waist hit right at my hip bones. Other than that I’m pretty happy with them. Much cheaper than my previous options.
Also, the shirt pictured isn’t the shirt I wore. I wore my 30 for 30 black shirt, but when I went to get dressed for the pictures and my shirt was in the laundry. What a wonderful husband I have that started the load, but now I am fudging my ootd pics. I hope you don’t un-follow me for this.
The Scoop
Shirt- Forever 21
Pants- Target
Shoes- Target (Don’t you just love these purple, suede wedges?)
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