I’ve worn this shirt multiple times since picking it up on clearance. However, this is its first blog appearance. I really like the stripes with bold lip prints. This time I paired it under a blazer and on top of over the knee boots.


This has been a crazy week. I’ve had a headache almost everyday for reasons I can’t figure out. I’m getting about the same amount of sleep I always get. I haven’t consumed anything unusual either. It’s just annoying to wake up fine get one thing done around the house and to get hit by a headache.


Blazer-secondhand, Shirt-Target, Leggings-Target, Boots-Target

pattern mixing, sweater, shorts, legwarmers, bootsA while back in my blogging history I wore shorts and tights together. Today I took it a step farther by pairing my shorts with leggings, tall boots, and pink & blue leg warmers. To make it even braver still I was mixing patterns too. I got weird looks, but I was warm and comfortable on a cold Christmas Eve eve.shorts with tights, pattern mixing, over the knee boots

Nate and I actually have the next two weeks off together. We don’t have any real plans made besides Christmas events. Tonight we will go to Red Lobster to have dinner with my Grandpa and some extended family. Tomorrow morning will be our family Christmas with just the kids, preceding, spending Christmas day with my family. Finally, Monday morning we will have breakfast and Christmas with Nate’s family.pattern mixing

The Scoop

Sweater-thrifted, Shorts-Pac Sun, Leggings-Target, Leg Warmers-Capezio, Boots-Target


Maybelline, Pink Pout, black wrap, heart necklace, Miss Ky's CoutureThis isn’t the best blog post I’ve posted here at No Guilt Fashion, but it surely isn’t the worst either. These pictures were taken with my iPhone by my husband. The top one was filtered through instagram, but the bottom two are un edited. I don’t normally post phone photos, but I wasn’t going to make it back home in time to get my camera and take pictures before it got dark out. (Darn daylight savings time!) So, while we were waiting around for Nate’s mom to finish up with a bit of work she had to do I asked Nate to snap a few pictures for me.

black wrap, grey tank, jeans, otk boots, over the knee boots, Target Clothing

The outfit isn’t anything special either. I hadn’t planned on leaving the house. When Nate asked if I wanted to run to the grocery store I put on a necklace and boots, and was out the door. Honestly, I don’t think I did to bad for accessorizing a nursing tank and jeans20111130-212144.jpgThe Scoop

Cardigan-Target, Tank-Target, Jeans- William Rast for Target, Boots-Target, Necklace-Miss Ky’s Couture

colored pants, over the knee boots, otk bootsYesterday, I wore a pair of colored tights for Everybody, Everywear. Today, I’m wearing a pair of colored pants. I love wearing colored leg wear no matter what the type may be. It just makes me happy and stand out a bit. Colored pants and tights are perfect pieces for fall/winter. When it is rainy, snowy, grey outside having a little extra color in your outfit is nice. Don’t you think?

colored pants, over the knee boots, I was actually a little disappointed when I wore this outfit. It was one of those days when the morning is FREEZING cold, but by the afternoon it is up to 60+ degrees out. Guess I should check the weather a little better when choosing outfits.

J. Crew cardigan sweaterThe Scoop

Cardigan-J Crew(thrifted), Tank Top-Target, Colored Pants-NY & Co.(thrifted),        Boots-Target, Necklace-Miss Ky’s Couture

What do you wear on cloudy, bad weather days?


I absolutely love these boots. They are so comfy. I’m honestly a little disappointed that it is getting warmer, and I will have to put these babies away till fall. They allowed me to wear tights, wool socks, jeans, skirts, or whatever I could stuff in there to stay warm. Can’t go wrong with that.

Come summer and it is hot and humid out what can yourself comfortable in the elements? You can only take so much off.
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