sweatshirt, skirt, boots at the Apple Jack FestivalLast weekend was the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City. My sister, her boyfriend, Nate, and I made the drive up to Nebraska City for their yearly Apple Jack Festival. We walked around Arbor Day Farms, checking out the craft fair and the barns. They have so many yummy apple treats from caramel apples and pies, to apple wines and apple cider. Despite the cold, damp day I decided to enjoy an apple cider slushy. Must say it was a cold decision, but very tasty!Gap Sweatshirt

After trekking all over the farms we headed into town to take a peak at a couple other things Nebraska City had going on for the Apple Jack Festival. We went to the Factory Stores to take a look at the flea market booths they had set up. We also went to the Cincinnati House that is home to a little antique shop. They had a lot of political memorabilia, but in the upstairs level I found my piece of treasure. I found a cute green rocking chair that is just perfect for the nursery. Best part is was the inexpensive price tag, and the fact that it doesn’t squeak one bit! Doesn’t hurt it is comfy too!Arbor Lodge Park sweatshirt, umbrella, skirt, boots

When done in town we went back towards the farm, and decided to take pictures at the Arbor Lodge Park. We wanted to walk around the Morton family mansion, but didn’t have the cash on hand to take the tour. It is probably for the best. I usually prefer to do the exploring on my own anyway. The four of us decided to hit the trail around the park instead. We all had varying footwear, and I was the only one that had shoes that worked best for the sometimes non existent trail. Thankfully, nobody fell down or twisted an ankle. Our only dangerous run in was Austin almost being attacked by a squirrel. This left us doubled over in laughter for several minutes before we could finish up the trail.pattern skirt, boots, sweatshirt

All in all the Apple Jack Festival was a lot of fun despite the rain. This weekend if the baby hasn’t already made its arrival we will be heading up to the Barn Festival in Hastings, NE. Do you attend any fall festivals? Which ones?hiking in a skirtsisters

Sweatshirt-Gap, Shirt-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Walmart, Umbrella-Walmart

blue scarf, grey cardigan, grey purseI know we are experiencing some cooler weather now (meaning the time you read this, and not necessarily the time that this was photographed and/or written), but I have a large handful of pictures that I wanted to have ready to post ahead of time. Today (9/15/11) I had a doctor’s appointment, and the doctor told me I may or may not make it to my OB appointment the following week. That got me thinking I should really get busy cranking out extra blog posts, as well as, contact a few of my blogging friends to set up guest posts. Hopefully, between my extra work and these fabulous ladies No Guilt Fashion won’t experience too much down time.Wherever you may be, and whatever weather you may be experiencing I leave you with my thoughts of this summer and warmer daystank top, shorts, scarf

  • On warm Saturday mornings in the summer I like to go to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Two of the upcoming giveaways I have for you wonderful readers are from wonderful ladies I met at the market this summer.
  • I like taking Lyla to the park when there are other kids for her to play with, but I secretly love it more when the big kids go back to school and it is just me and her running around. It also gave me a chance to just sit and watch her play too without worrying. I needed that time to just sit some days this summer.
  • Speaking of summer events I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed floating around weightlessly in my in-law’s pool. I highly recommend this activity for any pregnant woman.
  • How can I forget my market treat of kennel corn.

That wraps up a few of my fondest memories of summer. What did you enjoy the most this summer?

scarf and tank topSummer Outfit

Cardigan- Walmart, Watch- Forever21, Earrings- Miss Ky’s Couture, Tank Top-Target, Shorts-Target, Scarf-?(brother in-law left it behind), Purse-Big Buddah (vegan friendly)


I got another re-shaping while growing out hair cut, and am loving how it looks pinned up. What do you think of it? What do you do to make you feel good about your hair while it is growing out?

Sunday afternoon when Lyla was napping at Grammy’s, Nate and I took advantage of one of many local parks. I hope to take more outdoor pictures once I begin staying home during the day.

The Scoop

Tank-Motherhood, Tunic- Target, Pants- NY & Co., Shoes- Target

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Edit: Thank you so much Elaine for reminding me I could include this post for Everybody Everywear: Floral Edition

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