printed pants, bright colors

What is there to say? I’ve got floral pants, bright colors, and TOM’S on! I’m thrilled that we’ve been having wonderful weather. After spring getting such a late start it is very nice to have the opportunity to get the kids outside.



Cropped Shirt-Victoria’s Secret, Tank Top-Target, Jeans-Target, Shoes-TOM’s

Spot On


I saw this jeans in the kid’s department at Target, and I knew they would fit better than the snow leopard print jeans I already had at home. I’m glad k bough them, because, I was not wrong at all. These printed pants were worth the $12. :)


I was given two pairs of Tom’s shoes for Christmas, but I haven’t gotten much chance to wear them with all of the snow and the rain. I was glad for a spring like day to have an opportunity to take them out.


Sweater-Target, Shirt-American Eagle, Jeans-Target, Shoes-Tom’s



I’ve worn this shirt multiple times since picking it up on clearance. However, this is its first blog appearance. I really like the stripes with bold lip prints. This time I paired it under a blazer and on top of over the knee boots.


This has been a crazy week. I’ve had a headache almost everyday for reasons I can’t figure out. I’m getting about the same amount of sleep I always get. I haven’t consumed anything unusual either. It’s just annoying to wake up fine get one thing done around the house and to get hit by a headache.


Blazer-secondhand, Shirt-Target, Leggings-Target, Boots-Target

Pink and Bows


I’m pretty sure my four year old daughter knows more about dinosaurs than I do. Lyla has been watching the Dinosaur Train on Netflix. Every once and awhile she will throw out some random point of interest that surprises me. That makes me feel a bit better about when I have to take care of something and she needs to be in one place for awhile.

That has absolutely nothing to do with this outfit. I honestly, don’t have that much to say about this outfit. I think every time I wear this skirt I wear this chunky white belt. Since I thrifted this skirt I must have lost weight. I simply can not wear this skirt without a belt.


Scarf-Target, Sweater-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Tights-Kohl’s, Boots-Charlotte Russe


These pictures look very different from what I’m seeing outside my window. This day was freezing cold and snowy. However, this week most of the snow has melted away in the warm again and back to freezing temps and rain.


20130113-162826.jpgCowl-Handmade, Cape-Talbot’s (secondhand), Tanktop-Target, Patterned Jeans-Target, Ankle Boots-Banana Republic (secondhand)

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