blue scarf, grey cardigan, grey purseI know we are experiencing some cooler weather now (meaning the time you read this, and not necessarily the time that this was photographed and/or written), but I have a large handful of pictures that I wanted to have ready to post ahead of time. Today (9/15/11) I had a doctor’s appointment, and the doctor told me I may or may not make it to my OB appointment the following week. That got me thinking I should really get busy cranking out extra blog posts, as well as, contact a few of my blogging friends to set up guest posts. Hopefully, between my extra work and these fabulous ladies No Guilt Fashion won’t experience too much down time.Wherever you may be, and whatever weather you may be experiencing I leave you with my thoughts of this summer and warmer daystank top, shorts, scarf

  • On warm Saturday mornings in the summer I like to go to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Two of the upcoming giveaways I have for you wonderful readers are from wonderful ladies I met at the market this summer.
  • I like taking Lyla to the park when there are other kids for her to play with, but I secretly love it more when the big kids go back to school and it is just me and her running around. It also gave me a chance to just sit and watch her play too without worrying. I needed that time to just sit some days this summer.
  • Speaking of summer events I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed floating around weightlessly in my in-law’s pool. I highly recommend this activity for any pregnant woman.
  • How can I forget my market treat of kennel corn.

That wraps up a few of my fondest memories of summer. What did you enjoy the most this summer?

scarf and tank topSummer Outfit

Cardigan- Walmart, Watch- Forever21, Earrings- Miss Ky’s Couture, Tank Top-Target, Shorts-Target, Scarf-?(brother in-law left it behind), Purse-Big Buddah (vegan friendly)


I don’t usually post things like this. There isn’t anything fashion like in this post. It is simply pictures of our mini staycation trip to Lost In Fun. However, as I’ve mentioned I’m nearing my due date, so I’m trying to spread out my post ideas to try and make it through without leaving too much dead time.

I spent most of this visit to a wonderful indoor play facility behind camera. I was in so much pain that there was no way what so ever that I could dive into foam pits, jump on inflatables, or even climb up to go down a slide with my daughter. However, even though I was stuck observing I had a blast.


I was actually trying to judge throughout our 6+ hours of play time who had the most fun Nate or Lyla. foam-pit-father-daughter

You see, for every blur that is my child caught at play Daddy is not far behind! There was giggles all around!

One picture of where I am not behind the lens. It happened while she was taking a break “just a second, only one!”. “Mom, I want to play again.” was said moments after the picture was snapped.

No Guilt Fashion will be back to normal posts tomorrow. Thank you for putting up with my random post of the day. Also, if interested in guest posting for me in October during my blogger’s maternity leave let me know.

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