This week Katy, of ModlyChic, and the rest of the Friend Friday group are discussing fitness and our goals. I gave you the first goals I set up for postpartum fitness. Now, Nate and I have a YMCA membership and it has been a lifesaver. Not only is it a great place to workout, it also makes working out so much easier. With the family membership I get two free hours of child care per child. They have great teachers, and Lyla loves going to her “class”. This makes it simple to go to the gym first thing in the morning. Before Jazz’s nap time and the craziness of two kids takes over.

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As for my fitness goals, one is to run for 30 minutes straight. My second is to finish an entire three month workout routine schedule from my Fitness One app. Ultimately, my goal is to do another three month workout plan after completing my current routine. However, to make goals work you need to make them attainable, so three months at a time is as far out as I want to go.

I have a few dance goals I want to make too. Like being able to do a few jumps and leaps that I haven’t been able to successfully do since giving birth six months ago. To achieve this goal I will have to work on increasing my leg strength and flexibility. The Fitness one workouts and daily stretching should help that.

What are your fitness goals? Do you have a favorite workout routine you follow?

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