Yep, two semi patriotic outfits in one week. Here is my other red, white, and blue outfit. Guess I didn’t get the memo that the 4th is celebrated in July not August.


How do you feel about sporting red, white, and blue when no patriotic holiday is in sight?


I don’t have much to say about this outfit, or the events of the day. That leaves me with the only option being to tell you what transpired during this shoot. Not only was Nate super surprised that I had the nerve to stand in the middle of a semi busy road. He thought we would just take a few pictures on the side of the road by the corn field. Every car that passed by slowed down to stare at us. One even stopped to ask if everything was ok. I had to smile, because, there we were car turned off (no emergency lights on or hood raised) with a camera while I posed in the middle of the road.


I’m glad we chose this spot, because, I had a really bad day and I needed the smile and a laugh that these events gave me. Blogging has enriched my life in countless ways. Thank you readers (new and old) for being around giving me a reason to continue posting.

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Tank Top-Target, Shorts- Forever21 (thrifted), Sandals-Target, Bracelets-Charlotte Russe


Today’s outfit was put together very randomly. I woke up, knowing it would be hot out. That made me tell Nate I would either be wearing a skirt or a dress. He asked me why, and I told him wouldn’t he rather wear a breezy dress in this heat. He smiled, and nodded his head. I found a dress that I wanted to wear, but knew like the orange dress I wore that it would be extra short with my baby bump. I still wanted to wear the dress, so I did what any self-respecting style blogger would do and wore it as a skirt.


That still left me clueless as to what I wanted to wear as a top. That brings us to the miracle piece of my maternity stylings. The Bella Band! I had already brought it out, because, the elastic part of the dress wasn’t going to be enough to keep it up all day. As I was pulling it over my head; I decided it would make a good tube top too. I added a belt, and I had a fun color blocking outfit compromised of very random pieces.


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Skirt/Dress-Target, Top-Target, Belt-NY & Co, Shoes-Target



Yes, I mean HOT.  You know the weather I’m talking about the. It is so hot out that the heat index is 120+. When the humidity has reached a level so high that your glasses fog up as soon as you step outside. The kind of day that you take a shower, and run out of cold water. That is is the kind of weather we had in Nebraska last week. I kid you not. I also, have heard that this unbearable heat wave is headed to the East coast. For that I am sorry. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


What should you wear on days like this? The answer is simple, as little as possible. Preferably, in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen. I chose this no fuss sundress from Target, and added a patterned belt that I got from Dash Dot Dotty. (Sorry I didn’t get a good picture of the belt. When it is that hot out you only get about five pictures in, before, you are a puddle on the ground.) I went with a cuff bracelet to keep my accessories simple, and shoes that would let me breath.


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Dress- Target, Belt- J. Crew (gift), Sandals-Target

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) have issued a challenge for bloggers to recreate an outfit from a special occasion. I started thinking it over, and I couldn’t really come up with any special events that I could remember what I wore. For the bigger events that I could remember what I wore the outfits weren’t all that special to me. The one event/outfit that really stood out in my head was, the day so many little girls dream about, my wedding day.


Most people wear dresses that they will only wear that one day, clean, and have boxed up with the hopes that maybe one day there own little girl may wear the dress. For most the box just sits in a closet collecting dust. That is IF it ever makes it to the cleaners. I worked at a dry cleaners, and some people wouldn’t even bring in their gowns until over a year later.

For me, my wedding was a simple event financed out of my own pocket. As an eighteen year old, already living on her own, my financial pockets were none too deep. Don’t take me wrong, I wouldn’t trade any part of that day for a quarter of the budget used on the recent Royal Wedding. My husband and the groomsmen wore jeans and button up shirts. My bridesmaids wore white, eyelet skirts, light blue camis, and floral flats. That leaves us with my attire. I choose to wear a white sundress and simple heeled sandals. My hair and accessories were kept simple as well.

Back to the challenge. I can’t say that I’ve gained the often mentioned newlywed weight. However, almost four years later (August 5th) and being six months pregnant I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the dressed zipped up the same way I did when I re-wore it last year. I started mulling over the building blocks of my wedding, The keywords I came up with: Simple, Fun, Laid Back, and Casual. I also decided I wanted to try and fit the actual dress into the picture somehow. Next, I thought about my wedding colors (silver and light blue). What pieces did I have in my closet that matched the hues worn by the wedding party that day? I thought I could wear the dress as a skirt, and pair it with a ruched silver tank top to help cover some of the bunching. I also wore sandals, but I chose to forgo the heels this time. My necklace was more of a statement this time, but I also had a much simpler neckline to work with. Overall, I think I did a decent job recreating the feel of the original outfit.

collage 7/11/11#1

collage 7/11/11#2

collage 7/11/11#3

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Dress/Skirt-JC Penny’s Tank Top-Target, Sandals-Target Necklace-Gift


Lyla and I are in a weird transition time. Nap time is becoming a thing of the past, but she still needs to crash every few days. Instead, we have instituted quiet time. We put aside our activities for an hour or so, and she lays on my bed while we watch a show or a movie.


This afternoon, we went to a park to take pictures. Usually, when we have been taking pictures outside, we are in an area I don’t exactly want her to run around wildly. This park houses the field that my husband’s old flag football team practices at. It was the perfect spot to set up my tripod.


When Lyla asked me what we were doing. I told her, “Momma is taking pictures, and you can run around.” Shortly after I started snapping pictures Lyla looked at me and yelled, “Look Mom I’m running around!”


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Shirt-Motherhood Maternity, Cami-Target, Capris-Kohl’s, Shoes-Target


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