We have made it to the middle of the week. I’ve got to say this has been a very slow going week. It isn’t like anything bad has happened. Things are just not going the normal way. Jazz has been waking up early and that just throws off the morning.

I will say Jazz is a very good laundry helper. He was taking the cloth diapers out of the wash for me to hang up. When we finished I asked him to start loading the wash with both of the kid’s clothes. He started putting things in. He gets a few pieces in, and starts pulling them back out. I look to see why, and he is reaching in for two more cloth diapers we had missed. Smart cookie!



Cowl-Handmade, Sweater-Target, Dress-J.Crew(secondhand),Belt-Target,Tights-Target, Shoes-Lucky Brand


When I started crocheting again for the season my sister and I joked how I should make a scarf with the Gryffindor house colors. I received a Michael’s gift card for Christmas. When I found out they were also holding their yarn sale event I searched for the right colors to make this a reality.

20130113-164156.jpgCowl-handmade, Sweater-Target, Jeans-7 for all mankind, Boots-Charlotte Russe

eShakti, mustard, yellow, blouse, long sleeves, blue, scarf, camel, pants, dress pants, boots, charlotte russe, target

It feels like I just wore this outfit. Well, a few days ago I posted this version of the same outfit. I didn’t even realize that I was doing this. I intended on wearing my grey, wool, pencil skirt, however, I found out that it has a tear in it.
1-7-13#2 1-7-13#3 Scarf-Target, Blouse-eShakti, Pants-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

mustard, yellow, sweater, blue, scarf, camel, pants, brown, leopard print, ballet flats, shoes

Some people like condiments, and pile them on like crazy. Others avoid them like the plague. While some, like me, choose to use only one. While I do not like the taste of mustard I LOVE the color. I think it looks great paired with these camel colored dress pants, my blue scarf, and leopard print ballet flats.
12-28-12#2 12-28-12#3

Sweater-Target, Scarf-Target, Pants-Target, Shoes-Target

military, detail, jacket, skinny jeans, leopard print, flats

I hope while reading this post you are prepared for whatever holiday you celebrate, and ready to enjoys friends and family. As for me, I am now on winter break from the dance studio. I’m enjoying time with my kids. After Christmas passes I will enjoy a week spent with my husband too. He will be pretty busy with the production of our churches Christmas services on top of the regular weekend services too. I don’t know about it being the most wonderful time of the year, but it certainly is busy busy busy!

military, detail, jacket, skinny jeans, leopard print, flats, scarf

skinny jeans, leopard print, flats,

Jacket-Walmart, Scarf-Forever21, Tanktop-Hanes, Jeans-Gap, Shoes-Target

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