I know I’m not the only person who tries to do everything by themselves. Currently, I’m trying to workout at the gym in the morning Monday-Friday, run any necessary errands, clean the house/laundry, play with the kids, teach dance in the afternoon/evenings, and trying to run this blog. I will admit that this blog has fallen to higher ranking priorities. That fact doesn’t necessarily bother me. It was the fact that I was not organized enough to find a balance that worked for everything. I know I can do it, because, I’ve done it all before. I think I’ve found the solution. Instead of hitting snooze until the kids wake up, I will get up the first time my alarm goes off. Not only will I be able to blog in bed, by doing this, I should also eliminate the headache I sometimes get from dozing off again and again. Hopefully, that means I not only have time to regularly post here, but also visit the blogs that I miss reading too. The only part I haven’t found the best answer to is how/when/where to wear normal clothes and get pictures taken. Hmmm…it will all fall into place.


This is the outfit I wore when we celebrated Jazz’s birthday. I have actually worn this dress many times before, but decided to turn it around and have a deep V in back, since, I was wearing a scarf with it. I liked the surprise it added to the look.

The Scoop

Dress, Scarf, & Shoes-Target

yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesThis shirt is another hand me down (Should i say hand me up, because, I’m the big sister.) from my sister. I bought a few things from Hollister when I was in high school, but I don’t remember them being this soft. This shirt is incredibly soft. It was like wearing pajamas all day, but in a fun, sunshine yellow color. Pairing it up with a soft blue scarf, skinny jeans, and flats for a trip to the zoo was perfect.yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarves

We finally had some fall like weather. We enjoyed ourselves greatly with a cool breeze, and every animal seemed to be awake and active too. That makes for a better zoo trip overall.yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarves

yellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesyellow, Hollister, kids, children, family, jeans, skinny jeans, scarvesThe Scoop
Scarf-Seconhand, Shirt-Hollister(secondhand), Jeans-Gap, Shoes-Skechers

blue shirt, denim skirt, scarf

Lyla was with me when I was posing for these pictures. She was busy posing up a storm. In fact, one of her poses was so funny I couldn’t help myself from laughing. I’ve added the picture in for, well, kicks and giggles. To see some of her poses and self-put together outfits check out her mini me blog at Fun Size Fashion. I hope to be able to update it my frequently now that winter is over, and her creative juices are flowing again.

blue shirt, denim skirt, scarf

I think this was the last time I could wear the skirt that I made from a Target dress. The waistband is starting to fall apart. Oh well, I got much more use out of it as a skirt than I did as a dress.

blue shirt, denim skirt, scarf

The Scoop

Scarf-?, Shirt-American Eagle, Skirt-Target/DIY, Shoes-Steve Madden via DSW

sweater, sweaters, jeans, tennis shoesAll over the nation, we had a mild winter. Spring is here now, but it feels a bit more like summer. On one of the few cooler, spring like day I wore this slightly autumnal sweater/color palate. It wasn’t anything really special, because, it was another day I didn’t know what I would be doing out at the studio.

jeans, skinny jeans, tennis shoes, blue shoesOn my way to work, I stopped in Ashland to snap up a few pictures of my outfit. I was having camera trouble, so these aren’t the best pictures. However, you get the basic feeling of my outfit.sweater, scarves, jeans, sunglasses

The Scoop

Sweater-thrifted, Scarf-handmade, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Payless, Glasses/Sunglasses- c/o glasses USA

Fall weather may has not officially arrived here in Nebraska. In fact, we have had some relatively fabulous weather. Sunny with a cool breeze in the mid 70s. Beautiful, just beautiful weather. I’m happy to get some use out of my summer dresses before I start covering them up with cardigans, jackets, and pairing them with colorful tights and boots. All that I needed to do to re-wear this salmon colored sundress was tie a scarf around my neck. Just enough to cover me up from the breeze during my long walk to lunch with Lyla.salmon sundress

I like how the color of the scarf and the sundress blended together. I also was happy wearing it with silver flats instead of the summer wedges I wore before. I did a lot of walking, and needed to carry Lyla the last part of the way home. I’m not sure I have the balance to do that in heels with this bump.salmon sundress, blue scarf

Now, I’m looking for ideas to style this sundress for real fall weather. Any suggestions? I’m thinking a sweater of some sort with thick tights and my tan colored boots.Target sundress, scarves, silver flats

Sundress-Target, Scarf-?, Shoes-Lucky Brand

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