baby dedication, family picture, familyLast weekend Nate and I had baby Jazz dedicated at our church. I don’t have any great outfit pictures from this weekend, but I liked my outfit. Sharing these pictures is the best way I can show off my outfit, and my family. It was a nice time together with family too. After we left church we went out to eat with our families, and Lyla got to spend a little extra time with her cousin. She loves that little guy.

After lunch, we headed back home and I was able to enjoy a refreshing nap. That doesn’t happen very often. Usually, if anyone gets to nap on Sunday it isn’t me. I’m usually busy with laundry, cleaning, or taking care of whichever kiddo didn’t take a nap while Nate, baby dedicationfamily

What do you do on Sunday afternoons?

The Scoop

Jacket-Wilson’s Leather, Shirt-NY & Co, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Banana Republic(second hand)

sweater dress, skinny jeans, leopard print shoes, leopard printFinally! I finally own a leopard print item. I’ve loved how so many bloggers work leopard print into their wardrobe while looking great. It really is a fantastic print that can be fun and cute or very classy. For my first leopard piece I chose a simple pair of flats from Target. They can be dressed up or down, and with black or brown. Overall I’m very happy with my choice.

sweater dress, skinny jeans, express jeans, leopard print shoes

I wore this outfit on a quick date night with Nate sans kids. We kept it simple with a quick dinner at Pepperjax Grill and a trip to the grocery store for fruits and veggies to use in  Nate’s new juicer I gave him for Valentine’s Day. We also stopped at Target. What date night isn’t complete without a trip to Target?!?! Seriously though, we had some stuff we needed to get, and every now and again it is easier without keeping an eye on my kids too.

Now that I’ve mentioned this juicer (I just may be addicted) do you have any combinations I should try? Right now I am loving pretty much anything with cucumber in it.leopard print flats, ballet flats, shoes, leopard print shoes

The Scoop

Sweater Dress-Target, Skinny Jeans- Express, Leopard Print Shoes-Target

leather jacket, water colors skirtToday, I bundled up the kids and headed out to my six week check-up. I took this opportunity to dress up a bit. I paired the water colors skirt I picked up at Scout Dry Goods on Fashion’s Night Out with coordinating tights.

skirt, colored tightsI don’t get to dress up very often. I spend my day at home getting spit up on. Followed by putting on work out clothes to teach dance almost every afternoon/evening. Don’t get me wrong I do get dressed. I just don’t get the chance to take pictures very often.water colors skirt, ann taylor loft blouse, colored tights, silver flats

I really like this skirt. The colors are so pretty, and the tights are a good match. I originally wanted to wear this with a pair of my heeled boots. However, I opted for the Lucky’s silver ballet flats. I didn’t want to juggle the car seat, wrangle in a 3 year old, and navigate in heels with it being so windy out.

The Scoop

Jacket-Wilson’s Leather, Blouse-Ann Taylor Loft(thrifted), Water Colors Skirt-NY & Co, Belt-NY & Co, Tights-Target Ballet Flats-Lucky Brand

red tights, pencil skirt, leather jacketI’m happy to say that I’m back in the Everybody, Everywear round up. I actually missed out on voting and even the announcement that colored tights won. Thankfully, I caught Linda’s tweet. I looked down and to my surprise I was wearing a new pair of colored tights. Yep! That is how in tune with the fashion community I am.

floral print blouse, grey pencil skirt, leather jacketI love tights. They are incredibly useful in an outfit. They can add warmth, color, and texture to an otherwise plain outfit. I picked up a three new pairs of tights on Friday when I was wasting time at Target. Waisting time at Target can be quite dangerous, so walking out with only three pairs of tights, a lip stain, and the new Adelle CD (which by the way is fabulous).

colored tightsThe Scoop

Romper(worn as top)-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Tights-Target, Shoes-Matt Bernson c/o

Remember to head on over to Everybody, Everywear to see how all the other bloggers are styling there colored tights.

orange shirt, skinny jeans, D&G scarfThis is what I wore for my birthday on Tuesday. My husband worked and had school, so I didn’t get to really celebrate my birthday. I did have a day full of activities that kept me busy and smiling.D&G scarf, orange shirt

I started out the day fully rested thanks to Jazz thoughtfully allowing me a solid six hour stretch of sleep. We then headed out to my Mom’s office to show off Gammie’s precious little bundle. Afterwards we went to Trader Joe’s, and picked up a few yummy treats. We came home to eat our delicious chicken noodle soup. Then it was time to head over to the library. We hung out there for awhile practicing naming letters on the magnet board and coloring. Once we tired of that it was time to go back home and get my little ballerina ready for dance.Express skinny jeans, D&G scarf, orange shirt

The big end to my day was Lyla deciding that my birthday dinner should be McDonald’s. Um? Yum? Regardless, of how the day went I was happy to spend it with my kids.wooden heels

The Scoop

Scarf- D&G, Shirt-Target, Jeans-Express, Shoes-Payless

P.S. Nate you owe me on Friday night!

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