abstract print, water colors, colored denim, cutoffs, shorts, denim, sandals

These fuschia colored, cutoffs where once my $1 goodwill treasure that I wore like crazy during my pregnancy. However, in this post they were saved to live another day. Boy, am I glad I made the decision to save them. I’ve worn them so many times during this hotter than usual summer. So what if they are big and almost fall off by the end of the day¬†a little big?!?! They fill the spot in my summer wardrobe perfectly, and didn’t cost many any more money.
abstract print shirt, water colored shirt, colored denim, denim shorts, shorts, cutoffs
My husband bought me a laptop battery for my MacBook that I am despertally awaiting the arrival of. It is unbelievably hard to blog on a laptop that you must keep plugged in when Jazz is crawling EVERYWHERE including over and around the cord that will pop free with the slightest pull. I have been blogging on my iPad for the most part. However, that works when I don’t have a lot to say or when posting infrequently.
abstract print shirt, water colored shirt, colored denim, denim shorts, shorts, cutoffs

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Water Color Shirt-NY & Co, Colored Denim Shorts-Bullfrog via Goodwill, Sandals-Target


Good morning! I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one. Mine went well. Lyla had her first friend birthday party Saturday, and she loved it. Now she is in full planning mode for her birthday this next month. Sunday afternoon, Nate was finally off work for the week. As a family we spent some time in the pool letting the kids splash around. Jazz loves to float, and Lyla wears water wings and paddles around pulling him. They just have a blast together.


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Sundress/Blouse-Target, Belt-Target, Shorts-Gap cutoffs

This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of working out or teaching dance. That means the outfit posts around here have been lacking. Well, I thought I would switch it up a bit and give you a taste of a few of my dance wear looks from last week. Weird?!? I know but I wanted to post something, and a couple of these items really are fabulous.


I like wearing color when I teach dance. In fact, my students get a bit bored when I wear too much black. It is also more fun to mix things up when I teach five days a week, and have to stare into a mirror the whole time.



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#1 Shirt-Hanes, Short- Old Navy

#2 Tank- Aeropostale, Capris-Target, Sandals-Target

#3 Shirt/Shrug-Target, Leotard-Capezio, Shorts-Addidas


I wore this simple summer outfit awhile ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting it. Nate and I went to take pictures, but as soon as we stepped outside the wind whipped around and the temperature dropped about ten degrees from what it as just ten minutes before. Instead of venturing out and using my dslr we opted to staying on the porch and snapping a couple quick iPhone pics.


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Tank-Hanes, Shorts-Second Hand, Sandals-Target


I’m younger than some moms, but I am definitely not an idiot. Saturday, my kids had both had a very long day. We went to the farmer’s market in the morning, followed by lunch with my family, than Lyla went with my sister and her fianc√© to the children’s zoo. In the late afternoon, we went to my grandpa’s house for supper. On our way home both kids started screaming in the car. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m positive it was a train reaction. When one kid cries it upsets the other. Anyway, it was getting pretty loud as thing escalated. Since, I already had a headache I rolled down my window. That way the screams weren’t bouncing around the car making things worse for all three of us.


we pulled up to a stop sign and the jerk in the car next to me yells out his window at me that I need to pull over and take care of my kids. I’m glad the light was short, because, if I had to stay next to that idiot for very long he would have gotten more than just a piece of my mind. I mean really…did it look like I was intentionally hurting my kids?!?! No! It was just a long day, hot out, and my kids were exhausted and cranky. Surely, the idiot was not me but him.


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Blouse-thrifted, Shorts-cutoff Gap jeans, Belt-Target, Sandals-Payless

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