Schools and Universities everywhere have opened there doors yet again for fall semester. Since, I live in a college town and the husband works at the university I thought I would list a few of the college fashion habits I would love to see fall to the way side. Nate has personally picked a few of these nauseating trends himself. This is from a guy who sees this day in and day out. Please take notice and clean up your act.

  • The first trend he mentioned he wished it would crawl back Down Under was Ugg style boots worn with shorts. I personally want to say that I’m not a big fan of these boots worn with anything other than under flared or bootcut jeans. That is also stretching it sometimes.


I understand if you live somewhere that these shoes are actually beneficial to you. However, if it is cold enough for those types of weather conditions should you really be wearing shorts?!?! Really!!!

  • Speaking of shorts, those running shorts cut up to there really aren’t flattering or comfy. You beg to differ?!? How can constantly picking your shorts out of your behind be comfortable.

If you are wearing these simply to help beat the heat. Try wearing a cute sundress instead. Skirts make a good transition to fall as well as being comfortable. Another plus, no wedgies.

You trek miles each day from class to class. You aren’t doing yourself a favor by wearing flip flops all the time. A comfortable pair of flats can be cute, and also allow for an insert to be worn, if necessary, to help support your arches.  Flats come in many different styles, so you are guaranteed to find a pair to fit your style. Boots, ballet flats, oxford/brogue style, etc.

Check out my post on making shoes more comfortable. I have tried out a few different inserts and cushions, and share my opinions with you.

  • Well, I am on the topic of  less than fashionable things that can hurt you. Nate has another pet peeve. Your backpack is meant to assist you in carrying your burden of books. However, when you have the straps extended so far that the backpack hangs below your hips you are setting yourself up for major back problems in the future.

Check out these stylish options that look cute while playing their supporting role perfectly.

1. AmeriBag X-Small Classic Poly-Suede from  2. Dakine Prom from Zappos 3. Ecote Canvas Rucksack from UrbanOutfitters


Yes, I mean HOT.  You know the weather I’m talking about the. It is so hot out that the heat index is 120+. When the humidity has reached a level so high that your glasses fog up as soon as you step outside. The kind of day that you take a shower, and run out of cold water. That is is the kind of weather we had in Nebraska last week. I kid you not. I also, have heard that this unbearable heat wave is headed to the East coast. For that I am sorry. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


What should you wear on days like this? The answer is simple, as little as possible. Preferably, in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen. I chose this no fuss sundress from Target, and added a patterned belt that I got from Dash Dot Dotty. (Sorry I didn’t get a good picture of the belt. When it is that hot out you only get about five pictures in, before, you are a puddle on the ground.) I went with a cuff bracelet to keep my accessories simple, and shoes that would let me breath.


The Scoop

Dress- Target, Belt- J. Crew (gift), Sandals-Target

I have always liked this little square park. It sits out in front of the old courthouse building, and is maintained beautifully. Sadly, the water wasn’t turned on when I went to take pictures here. None the less, it is a pretty location and well maintained. It is also semi-guarded from view.

Yes, this dress is a little shorter than I care to wear. Yet, it is bloody hot out! I felt like I was on fire most of the day. You can rest assured that I pulled on a pair of bike shorts to keep everything covered up. Usually, it isn’t this short on me either. Baby J’s bump is hiking up the hemline.

Today, Lyla and I went to our Mommy and Me dance class out at the studio I teach at. She absolutely loves it! As soon as she leaves she asks, “How many sleeps until my next dance?” After dance, we came home and made lunch. It was really nice having somewhere to go in the morning. It made the day go by much faster.  It was also nice that Nate’s sister decided to pick Lyla up to take her swimming for the afternoon. Momma got a nice little break.

The Scoop

Dress-Target, Sandals-Target


What would have been a better setting to display what I wore for the 4th of July, than a baseball field? I couldn’t come up with any better place, so you get the home of an American pastime.


I choose a simple red dress to wear to celebrate the holiday. I couldn’t possibly get any more comfortable than this. I loved how comfortable it was, and it did a wonderful job keeping me cool during all of the outdoor events. The silver flats weren’t the most comfortable shoe I could have chosen, but it wasn’t the end of the world. I didn’t do much walking around.


What did you do to celebrate? For my readers that are not in the U.S. hope your Monday wasn’t that bad.

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I thought this dress looked very baby doll to me while I was wearing it. While editing the pictures I found a few shots that reminded me more of Barbie. What do you think? It is a bit shorter than I would have liked, but with it being so hot out I just put on a pair of dance shorts underneath it.

The week of craziness is well under way. Dance recital is four days away. I can’t wait! I’m so proud of all of my students. They have learned so much this year, and I’ve had so much fun working with them. I must give a special shout out to my Adult Tap Class. I know a few of them read my blog, so I just want to say I’m incredibly impressed with them. I know you they will rock the stage, and make me proud.

The Scoop

Dress-Target, Shoes-Target

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