jean jacket, brown skirt, cowboy bootsI’ve got another outfit that was unconsciously inspired by another blogger. This time, I it ended up being Lisa from Archives Vintage that I realized my outfit kind of (in a squint one eye, and close the other sort of way) looks like the one she wore on a trip to upper Michigan. Honestly, it is just the boots and skirt that look similar. However, I really liked this outfit, and enjoyed dressing up for Jazz’s one month doctor appointment.

jean jacket, polka dot headbandGood news is he is growing just fine, and everything is OK! He actually grew 3″ in one month. WooHoo! Lyla was her typical stuff, and talked the nurses ear off the entire time she was in the room.

jean jacket, tank top, brown skirt, circle skirtThe Scoop

Jean Jacket-Target, Tank-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Charlotte Russe

I have so many skirts and dresses that are harder to wear now that it is cold out, and I’m home all of the time. Any suggestions on how to get some extra casual use out of them?

open cardigan, khaki pants, oxford shoesJust a month ago I was still pregnant until 11:02pm. I was both pleased and blessed to welcome Jazz into my life. Now, today it is my birthday and I’ve been spending the last month enjoying my new little guy and adjusting to a new routine. I don’t claim to have it all figured out yet, but we are doing great and I’m ready to return to teaching dance. I’ve been getting dressed this whole month, even a few rather stylish outfits too. However, taking pictures has not been a very high priority. I hope to find a way to start sticking that into my routine too.

fall outfit, open cardiganThis outfit was worn my first week home. Just wanted to keep things simple as I could without looking like a slob. All the while, I was trying to not torture my incision site.

The Scoop

Cardigan-Target, Tank-Target, Pants-NY & Co, Shoes-Payless

polka dots, pink cardiganPolka Dots are a big trend for this fall. This shirt, however, is a bit spring like. That was ok with me. It was comfortable to wear, and the open flutter sleeve cardigan pulled it all together. I almost didn’t get pictures taken today. The night before I pulled/tore/or plain ol’ injured something teaching dance. I could barely walk the next morning, and I was exhausted too. I woke myself up several times in the middle of the night crying, because, it hurt too much to roll over. Magically, Nate managed to sleep through my tears almost every time. Don’t get me wrong if I wanted him to wake up he would have, but since there was absolutely nothing he could do for me I let him sleep.parks, playground, swingsets

I’m glad I did feel up to taking pictures, because, Nate started to get some more artistic shots as we went. You can find the extra shots on No Guilt Fashion’s Facebook and white photo, polka dots

I’m beyond ready to have this baby and hold my little guy in my arms. I think everything is purchased, put together, or put away ready for Jazz to make his grand appearance at the home front. I also think I’ve got things kind of sorted out for the blog too.  Guest posts, giveaways, and lots of posts outside my normal ootd parameters. I hope you enjoy what I have put together for you. I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be gone, or if I ever will truly be disconnected. I just know I will have my hands full while recovering from surgery and adjusting to two kids at home instead of just ballet flatspolka dots, key necklace, charm necklace

Polka Dot Tank-Motherhood, Cardigan-Target, Jeans-William Rast for Target,      Shoes-Payless

self-photographyTake 2 of self-photography at the park here we go. These pictures look much better than the last set. I used many different places to bend my tripod around. I think the different angles and better lighting really helped. They still need work, but you at least get more then one picture.

floral blouse, skinny jeans, wedgesThis was the first cooler day we had that allowed me to lightly layer my outfit. I like the transitional outfit I came up with. The blouse was light and airy, and the colors were still a bit summery. The dark colors of the open cardigan made it a bit more fall like.

floral blouse, open front cardiganRight now, I’m still sort of dreading dressing for the cooler weather. I don’t have many cold weather items that really fit right now. I will not go out and purchase anything new when this baby could come any day. I may pick up a few things at the thrift store after the baby comes as a wardrobe pick me up before I’m back to my old size.

Cardigan-Target, Blouse-Kohl’s, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Wedges-Target

color denim, color blocking, jacket, oxfordsThis month for Everybody, Everwear the winner of the public voting is Colored Denim. I think I did a little dance when I found out. I had the absolute perfect outfit in mind. I knew my thrifted pair of fuchsia jeans, and my new Oxford mini wedges (a full review of these here) would be making an appearance. I lucked out and wore the outfit to a birthday party from Nate’s family. The hall the party was held at was blocks away from a colorful, little part of town. When we drove by I knew I had to go back for pictures.

hooded jacketThe buildings are so bright. Nate and I had lots of fun taking pictures. I have so many extras that won’t make this post, but can be found on the No Guilt Fashion Facebook page.

colored denim, color blocking, oxford wedgesI don’t have much to say today. I’ve been busy trying to get things lined up before the baby gets here. Clothes and cloth diapers are washed and ready to go. However, the nursery isn’t exactly set up yet. I need to get on that ASAP. Not much time left folks. As for that I’m also trying to line up guest bloggers and giveaways for you awesome readers. Fingers crossed I get a few more of each, and you enjoy every second of it.

color blocking, colored denim, jacketsoxford shoesThe Scoop

Jacket- So(thrifted), Tank Top- Target, Pants- Bullfrog/Pac Sun(thrifted),

Shoes- Matt Bernson c/o farfetch

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