Yikes! I’ve found some older pictures stored on my memory card. Friday night I was home alone, so why not upload the pictures and try and get a few posts scheduled. This post features a yellow dress I got while I was pregnant for only $1 at the Goodwill. I liked the dress while pregnant with Jazz, but now it is just too big. However, it worked well for a swimsuit cover up before the whole family took a dip in the pool. Hmmm…now to decide if I should keep it around for a possible baby #3?!? Will there even be a #3. According to Lyla I will have two more girls and one more boy.

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Dress-LA Gear (thrifted), Shoes-Target

sweater, sweaters, jeans, tennis shoesAll over the nation, we had a mild winter. Spring is here now, but it feels a bit more like summer. On one of the few cooler, spring like day I wore this slightly autumnal sweater/color palate. It wasn’t anything really special, because, it was another day I didn’t know what I would be doing out at the studio.

jeans, skinny jeans, tennis shoes, blue shoesOn my way to work, I stopped in Ashland to snap up a few pictures of my outfit. I was having camera trouble, so these aren’t the best pictures. However, you get the basic feeling of my outfit.sweater, scarves, jeans, sunglasses

The Scoop

Sweater-thrifted, Scarf-handmade, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Payless, Glasses/Sunglasses- c/o glasses USA


baby dedication, family picture, familyLast weekend Nate and I had baby Jazz dedicated at our church. I don’t have any great outfit pictures from this weekend, but I liked my outfit. Sharing these pictures is the best way I can show off my outfit, and my family. It was a nice time together with family too. After we left church we went out to eat with our families, and Lyla got to spend a little extra time with her cousin. She loves that little guy.

After lunch, we headed back home and I was able to enjoy a refreshing nap. That doesn’t happen very often. Usually, if anyone gets to nap on Sunday it isn’t me. I’m usually busy with laundry, cleaning, or taking care of whichever kiddo didn’t take a nap while Nate sleeps.family, baby dedicationfamily

What do you do on Sunday afternoons?

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Jacket-Wilson’s Leather, Shirt-NY & Co, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Banana Republic(second hand)


This outfit is from Friday’s family date night. We bundled up the kids and took advantage of a gift certificate at Olive Garden. Both of the kids did great, however, we were seated in the “families with kids” section. We were surrounded by three other tables with babies. Thankfully, everyone was in a rather cheery mood. All you heard from the babies was happy coos and gurgles. The food was delicious including Lasagna Fritta appetizer, peach ice tea, and five cheese ziti. Yummy! My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it. To bad I ate my leftovers yesterday.

yellow dress, black belt, purple tights, black boots

When I went out the door I realized, I was wearing yellow and purple. Laker’s colors! It was so cold out and we got home late, however, I really wanted to take outfit pictures. That meant posing in my daughter’s room with my husband snapped pictures on his iPhone while reading books to the kids. As I’ve mentioned before. I’m trying to take more outfit pictures again despite the circumstances.


The Scoop

Dress-thrifted, Belt-NY & Co, Tights-Target, Boots-Charlotte Russe

Lyla-Everything is from Target

black and brown dress, NY & Co, colored tights, yellow tightsI picked this dress up on a “leave the kids with grandma, mom needs some alone time” thrifting trip just after Jazz was born. Even though I wore normal clothes most of my pregnancy it felt like I had nothing to wear now. Part of this was true, and not the mysterious fashion girl standing in front of her closet drama. I didn’t have very many things that worked well for me, since I was nursing. I’ve now become more comfortable nursing in just about anything in my closet. I found this dress, and knew the neckline would work for nursing and I would feel put together in it.jewelry, necklace, statement necklace, Charlotte Russe, Lia Sophia

Because, of the cold weather it was necessary for me to where tights. I couldn’t decide what color to wear, so I threw a few pairs on the bed and made Nate choose. Since, he picked yellow I went with black shoes, put on a gold and amber toned necklace, and went out the door.colored tights, oxford shoes, yellow tights

The Scoop

Dress-NY & Co (thrifted), Tights-Target, Shoes-Payless, Ring-Lia Sophia, Necklace-Charlotte Russe

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