If you want to see real pictures taken in Narnia check out the shots Wyn took for my sister’s engagement pictures. I just was standing next to a lamppost. Honestly, I was happier about this outfit when I had a tan cami underneath, but that had a large stain on it before I took pictures. The black camisole is just too distracting, and the blouse was too low cut to do without.


Vest-Walmart, Blouse-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Lucky Brand via TJ MAXX

neon sweater, blue scarfWhen I wore this sweater with a lace trimmed racerback tank I was drawing a blank of how else I would style this neon sweater. I still want to come up with a few other outfit combinations, and would love to hear your suggestions. I like how the neon sweater is bold, but the royal blue scarf I got from Nate for Christmas holds its own quite well. What do you think?

neon scarf, American Eagle sweater, skinny jeans, blue scarf.It was a little quiet here on this little blog last week. I lost a whole week’s worth of outfit photos, and started getting sick. That all combined together meant things were not going to work out for any kind of blog posting. To top that off, I taught a few extra classes at the dance studio this week. That meant that I was wearing sweats and dance clothes, instead of, being dressed up to work in the studio office. Nothing pretty to put up on the blog.

The Scoop

Scarf-Target, Sweater-American Eagle, Jeans-Target, Boots-Walmart, Headband-?

sweatshirt, skirt, boots at the Apple Jack FestivalLast weekend was the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City. My sister, her boyfriend, Nate, and I made the drive up to Nebraska City for their yearly Apple Jack Festival. We walked around Arbor Day Farms, checking out the craft fair and the barns. They have so many yummy apple treats from caramel apples and pies, to apple wines and apple cider. Despite the cold, damp day I decided to enjoy an apple cider slushy. Must say it was a cold decision, but very tasty!Gap Sweatshirt

After trekking all over the farms we headed into town to take a peak at a couple other things Nebraska City had going on for the Apple Jack Festival. We went to the Factory Stores to take a look at the flea market booths they had set up. We also went to the Cincinnati House that is home to a little antique shop. They had a lot of political memorabilia, but in the upstairs level I found my piece of treasure. I found a cute green rocking chair that is just perfect for the nursery. Best part is was the inexpensive price tag, and the fact that it doesn’t squeak one bit! Doesn’t hurt it is comfy too!Arbor Lodge Park sweatshirt, umbrella, skirt, boots

When done in town we went back towards the farm, and decided to take pictures at the Arbor Lodge Park. We wanted to walk around the Morton family mansion, but didn’t have the cash on hand to take the tour. It is probably for the best. I usually prefer to do the exploring on my own anyway. The four of us decided to hit the trail around the park instead. We all had varying footwear, and I was the only one that had shoes that worked best for the sometimes non existent trail. Thankfully, nobody fell down or twisted an ankle. Our only dangerous run in was Austin almost being attacked by a squirrel. This left us doubled over in laughter for several minutes before we could finish up the trail.pattern skirt, boots, sweatshirt

All in all the Apple Jack Festival was a lot of fun despite the rain. This weekend if the baby hasn’t already made its arrival we will be heading up to the Barn Festival in Hastings, NE. Do you attend any fall festivals? Which ones?hiking in a skirtsisters

Sweatshirt-Gap, Shirt-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Walmart, Umbrella-Walmart

chambray shirt, dressLyla and I had to go out to run an errand for Nate. I’m glad I grabbed my camera when we left the house. The slightly overcast day, and this little field by the lake provided the perfect backdrop for outfit pictures. I thought the chambray shirt and dress looked perfectly at home amongst the grass.

running picturesLyla and I both have a bit of a country feel to our outfits today. You can see her running with me, but check out my new project Fun Size Fashion for her self-picked wardrobe choices. This little girl has some promising talent. I hope you stop by and take a peek. I’ve also got a Fun Size badge on my side bar you can click on to take you straight there.

chambray shirt, homemade dressI’m happy to say we have some slightly cooler weather this week, so light layering is in store for me. I love how chambray shirts can be a perfect layering piece or worn by themselves. How about you? Is it cooling off where you are? We keep bouncing around here, so it is hard to choose what to wear in advance anymore.

knotted shirt, button up blouse, chambray, dressChambray Shirt- Walmart, Dress- homemade & thrifted, Shoes- Lucky Brand

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