I realize I wear the same shoes over and over and over. My daughter can even pick out what shoes I can wear with what outfit, because, my choices are fairly limited. I spent some time shopping online, and these are some of the shoes that caught my eye. Since, you know how much I love me some Target shoes I started out there. However, I have also heard that Forever 21 had some cute shoes on the cheaper side of shoe spectrum. I don’t know if the measure up to the comfort level of my heels from Target, but I may just have to give them a try.

 I need to replace a pair of black pumps that bit the dust back in June, and want to add a pair in nude too. It was easy enough to find both of those at Target.

Next I was on to finding a fun pair of red heels. I really liked the pair that Kendi wore, but I didn’t want to spend that much on suede shoes. At least not a pair that I would love to wear a lot when fall, winter, and all of the puddles and slush that they bring are right around the corner. I know these aren’t much of a winter shoes either, but this is a wish list after all. I could pair them with tights to at least get me through fall. On the other hand I have been known to wear bare legs even in winter if I like the shoe or outfit better without tights.

While I’m showing you open toed shoes. What do you think about these from Forever 21? I’m on the fence about them. I think they look a little cheap online. I may have to take a peak in person when I’m near a F21 sometime.

Since, it just looks like suede and is under $30 maybe I can justify these for fall/winter wear. I don’t splash in puddles on a daily basis. I think I would be OK.

Who wouldn’t want to find a beautiful pair of boots to keep there tootsies warm yet stylish? I have to pass on my black boots I got two years ago from Aldo. They just don’t fit the same after having a child. I also don’t want to repeat my toes going numb from ill fitting shoes like last year. Ouch! I also think I like brown or grey boots better than black. Plus I still have a pair of lower height black flat boots I can wear too.

Today’s post is going to show a transition from my work clothes, to going out with the girls for a casual dinner with minimal changes. Just swap the skirt for jeans, opt for wedges over pumps, and I will probably be a little overdressed. I don’t mind though that’s just me. I’m so happy to be hanging out tonight…I can taste the Italian food already mmmmm. Are you doing anything fun tonight?

This skirt is admittedly not my favorite skirt, but I needed something nicer than jeans to wear to work. When I tuck things shirts in to it, or they are shorter the skirt looks pretty plain. I know it is a plain khaki skirt, but I look kind of like a soccer mom when I don’t wear a longer shirt. No offense to soccer moms I know some pretty cool moms, but I also know or have seen a few that just have that look about them. You know what look I’m talking about?

The Scoop
Shirt- Charlotte Russe via The Black Market
Skirt- Target
Shoes- Target

For girl’s night I decided to go with a casual pair of jeans with the same top I wore to work, and throw on a pair of wedges to dress it up a bit. I really love wedges. I can walk with the best of them in four inch stilettos. However, give me a pair of wedges and I can pile on the shopping bags and still run after my daughter when she spies the play area at the mall and darts off. Who am I kidding? I’ve done that in stilettos too. I just get odd stares when I do.

Proud Momma Moment: Take look at that adorable picture on the wall.

The Scoop
Shirt- same
Jeans rolled up- Gap
Shoes- Target

Today, I’m taking my little family over to the in-law’s to go swimming. I still wanted to get in an OOTD picture, so I went with a glorified swimsuit cover up look. Over at Style Underdog the last week was spent styling “Man Shirts”. I got my cue from her, so go check out her blog. She really is an amazing women. I have borrowed one of my husbands button ups once, but I was pregnant and couldn’t find anything else dressed up enough for wherever I was going. It made me feel quite little to be swallowed up in his shirt. I think I had to fold the sleeves up ten times…no joke.

The Scoop
On Me
Shirt-Target via the Hubby’s closet
Leggings- Target
Swimsuit- Target
Sunglasses- Target
On Lyla
Swimsuit- Gap Kids
Sandals- The Children’s Place

 We attempted to do a few action shots.

I got this dress four years ago. I wore it to a casual wedding, but after that it didn’t see much use until I was pregnant. At that point I found the T-shirt material very breezy. When your third trimester falls over the summer months you need cool fabrics. I also found the diagonal stripes very slimming. Yet another perk I enjoyed at nine months pregnant. Today, I decided to pull it out of the back of my closet. I’m not pregnant, but with a heat index of 110 I find the breezy fabric and non clingy cut very desirable. Oh! I like the sweetheart halter too. It feels very old Hollywood to me.

The Scoop
Dress- Vanity
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Wet Seal these are the little sister of these earrings.

I like the darker silver color of the bigger flower earrings, but I like this size a little better. They also don’t feel as breakable, since, everything is closer together.

What is your go to item when it is hotter than Hades out?

I went in to get my hair done today. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to have done. Luckily my sister in-law/hair stylist would take wonderful care of me. I’m speechless so here you go.

Vest- Walmart
Shorts- Forever 21 thrifted
Shoes- Target
What do you think about the new do? Do you every put your hairstyle completely in the hands of your stylist?
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