white shirt, t-shirt, v-neck shirt, skinny jeansThis week’s visual Friend Friday is Decades of Fashion hosted by Shelly, of GS Lillian. I have been having a hard time getting dressed without feeling just plain blah. This was a challenge that I knew I could make without having to much trouble getting dressed. I went with a male as my inspiration, and am glad I did. Can you guess what my inspiration was? I actually got a lot of compliments on my outfit. Without further ado I give you my inspiration.

James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause


Now it was a bit warm out to wear a jacket, so I opted out. However, my bouffant, white t-shirt, cuffed jeans, and black shoes had a good enough feel for the outfit.

white shirt, t-shirt, v-neck shirt

I don’t honestly have much to say about this outfit, however, I was comfy all day long! Yet, I felt really put together with the red lipstick.v-neck shirt, skinny jeans

Shirt-Hanes, Jeans-William Rast for Target, Shoes-Skechers


These shorts are the outcome of the thrifting/DIY adventure I posted about here. 7 for All Mankind flares turned red cutoffs. I would have preferred to have found a pair of red shorts or jeans to cutoff instead of dying these. They aren’t as fire engine red as I would have liked, but I’m happy with them none the less. What do you think about them?


Nate and I found this park (Hazel Able Park in Lincoln, NE) that they have recently renovated. It looks a million times better than it used too, or the surrounding neighborhood. The neighborhood is next to a historical district, but hasn’t been maintained as well as it could be.


This isn’t my greatest outfit, but hey it is hell’a hot out and you got to do what you can to stay cool. Plus, it was a boring weekend with no plans to speak of.


The Scoop

Shirt-Target, Belt-NY & Co, Shorts- 7 for all Mankind (thrifted/DIY, Shoes-Target

Some people start getting sloppy with what they wear. Not so for the bloggers I have featured this week. They temperatures kept getting hotter and hotter, but they kept things crisp and cool with white.

Katy, of ModlyChic, had a great tunic that she had paired with black before, but she thought it looked to drab. This time she paired it with a cute pair of cropped skinny

Marissa, of the Style Cusp, dealt with the heat in a really cute pair of white eyelet shorts. I love that blue and white striped top too.

Pants seem really hot to me, but when worn in a loose cut and paired with a loose tank  the Stylish Housewife makes it look great for summer.

Linley, of Dwelling & Telling, wore a cute summer outfit of a Chambray shirt and white shorts. Did I mention she wore them with a really great pair of red heels? Love how this looked on her.

Anna, of Four Seasons One Wardrobe, sent a look she styled with a navy tunic and brown Obi belt. I love the color combination.

Lastly, a big thank you to Tania. She took time out of her busy schedule of grad school, getting ready to move half way across the country, and running What Would a Nerd Wear to send me a picture.

Thanks for reading this weeks What They Wore. Tune in and/or submit a look for next weeks post featuring your little black dress.

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) have issued a challenge for bloggers to recreate an outfit from a special occasion. I started thinking it over, and I couldn’t really come up with any special events that I could remember what I wore. For the bigger events that I could remember what I wore the outfits weren’t all that special to me. The one event/outfit that really stood out in my head was, the day so many little girls dream about, my wedding day.


Most people wear dresses that they will only wear that one day, clean, and have boxed up with the hopes that maybe one day there own little girl may wear the dress. For most the box just sits in a closet collecting dust. That is IF it ever makes it to the cleaners. I worked at a dry cleaners, and some people wouldn’t even bring in their gowns until over a year later.

For me, my wedding was a simple event financed out of my own pocket. As an eighteen year old, already living on her own, my financial pockets were none too deep. Don’t take me wrong, I wouldn’t trade any part of that day for a quarter of the budget used on the recent Royal Wedding. My husband and the groomsmen wore jeans and button up shirts. My bridesmaids wore white, eyelet skirts, light blue camis, and floral flats. That leaves us with my attire. I choose to wear a white sundress and simple heeled sandals. My hair and accessories were kept simple as well.

Back to the challenge. I can’t say that I’ve gained the often mentioned newlywed weight. However, almost four years later (August 5th) and being six months pregnant I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the dressed zipped up the same way I did when I re-wore it last year. I started mulling over the building blocks of my wedding, The keywords I came up with: Simple, Fun, Laid Back, and Casual. I also decided I wanted to try and fit the actual dress into the picture somehow. Next, I thought about my wedding colors (silver and light blue). What pieces did I have in my closet that matched the hues worn by the wedding party that day? I thought I could wear the dress as a skirt, and pair it with a ruched silver tank top to help cover some of the bunching. I also wore sandals, but I chose to forgo the heels this time. My necklace was more of a statement this time, but I also had a much simpler neckline to work with. Overall, I think I did a decent job recreating the feel of the original outfit.

collage 7/11/11#1

collage 7/11/11#2

collage 7/11/11#3

The Scoop

Dress/Skirt-JC Penny’s Tank Top-Target, Sandals-Target Necklace-Gift


I got this cute little cardigan from Dotty of Dash Dot Dotty. I love the cute bird pattern on it. In fact everybody who saw it loved it, and kept asking me where I got it. I knew it was from Target, but I don’t have any idea how old it is. Regardless, Dotty kept it in wonderful condition so I’ll be enjoying it for quite sometime. 
Thanks again!
The Scoop
Cardigan- Target
Shirt- Forever21
Jeans- Express
Shoes- Target
Watch- Target
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